Friday, November 12, 2010

Strawberries in sketti??

This morning I was wakened by DJ being mad that SamSam was in Daddy's spot in bed...and that meant HE couldn't be there! I simply suggested he get in beside her, but nooooo, he didn't want that! I got sandwiched again!! And then they were up at 7:30 for the day!

After breakfast DJ wanted to go see if K was home since it was a school holiday for Remembrance Day (Veteran's Day down here) and I told him it was a bit early for he played with Sam for a while waiting for me to let him...then he decided to go over there on his own anyways! Came back all excited that K was coming over after he was done eating his breakfast. So he waited patiently for the doorbell to ring. And it did! They played inside for a while and then saw D and C outside, and joined them! Sam did for a little while, but then came back in to me. So we snuggled in the chair and watched Caillou for a bit. She watched, I read!

After lunch I got the sketti sauce cooking and then we headed in to town to meet my g/f Denise with her Avon order! Made one more stop on the way home and that was our outing for the day! Nothing too exciting! While we waited for Howie to come home we worked on DJ's next verse for Awana and discussed what the book asked us to! Then since we had time, I let them colour the table toppers I got for them to do for Thanksgiving...great big blobs of colour and you can't even tell what's what!! LOL I'm also trying to teach DJ how to hold something in his hand to colour with....he gets frustrated easily by this. He currently holds it between his long finger and his ring finger...such an odd position! He's also obsessed with seeing his name on paper...once in a while he'll copy it...

Dinner was of course, the sketti, which both kids complained about all the extra strawberries in their bowls even tho I'd fished most of the big chunks out! Yes, we're talking about tomatoes!! They see them, and don't like them! YET, if ketchup is involved...they're game!! In fact, at lunch today, Samantha dipped her cooked cauliflower in ketchup! And DJ copied her for whatever reason ICK!! BLECH! Just wrong!!

After dinner I bathed the kids and helped put them to bed!! Then as Howie did the garbage collecting and taking down to the road, I did dishes and made his lunch. Then he went to bed and I sat down to watch the telly! BBT was good! Quite funny! Grey's was good too...Callie looks awesome with short hair...and if I had black hair like that, I'd totally have blue highlights!!!! SO awesome!!! Private Practice was a good follow up! Glad its all shaking out the way it should! 

Til next time...pray for the safety for all troops!

P.S. I'd like to thank my cousin Jeff for serving Canada in the war....I thought about him more often today because of Remembrance Day...he comes home soon!!!!

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