Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've said it before

And I'll say it again....


Why does he continue to take stage time on COUNTRY MUSIC award shows!??!

I'm a little passionate about my case ya didn't know!

Speaking of...did you see Blake Shelton take home an award or two...and his fiance cleaned up well too!! Loved Brad's comment about how there will be a baby 9 months from now cuz of tonite! HA!

Today was LONG!! It didn't help that Sam was up twice before I went to bed, and DJ once...and then DJ was in bed with me just before 5 (after Howie got up for work) and then DJ's telling me Samantha's screaming in her I get up and go to her...she's soaked, change her and her pj's and into my bed she goes...they fall asleep fine, but I'm in the kid sandwich and can't move!! Might try them both on Howie's side and leave me my own space next time...that and SamSam's baby fine hair tickles my nose!

We got for the day just before 8...which was fine as we had A LOT to do today! Well not really A LOT, but quite a few miles to cover!! It was an Avon delivery day!! I wanted out of the house by 10...which meant 10:20ish....but we were off!!!!! Then 5 miles from home I remember something incredibly we turn around and get it was 10:30ish when we left for real!

Did a few stops and then landed at my g/f Michelle's place...I'd been talking to her for a while now about joining Avon...and today, she did!!! So that's number 8 now on my plate!!!! YAY me!!!!!! I know she'll do well, as she just took 3 of my clients with her...her mom, our mutual friend Laura and herself!!! Its all good tho! Now, I gotta go find me 3 replacements!!!  The kids ate lunch there, and enjoyed playing with her grandkids' toys...and then discovered all her stuffies and played with them! Crazy kids!

We left there and stopped at Joann's to get my yarn for the baby blanket...they didn't have the colour I needed....different store, and they had WAY less yarn options than the Lynnwood one! Shoulda just gone there in the first place...hindsight... We got out of there and I noticed it was 2, and it dawned on me that I was to meet Nikki with some Avon stuff...and I had a half hour to get there! YIKES! Thank God for carpool lanes!! Made it and was only 3 minutes late! That was in Bothell...then I had to go back to Everett and deliver two orders!

About 3:30 we were headed home...with a stop at Freddy's for dinner! I'd gotten my rewards in the mail yesterday, so today, I got a roast chicken and some macaroni salad...yum!!! Thanks Freddy! Howie was already home when we got home, and after changing, I got right down to getting dinner on the table...Wednesday's are Awana nites, remember! So we were eating early enough to get us out the door in time! Even still it was 5:48 when we left...BUT...I did manage to get there in time to check in my first kid!! Usually, I miss the first 2 or 3 as they're leaders kids...but not tonite! I even got all my work done and packed up by 8 again! Went and picked DJ up from his class where he earned ANOTHER treasure for being a good kid!!!

Instead of going right home I had to stop for gas...and then we stopped at Ben Franklin to see if he had any yarn...he did, but the wrong colour!!! I may end up giving an unfinished gift...hate doing that! Its the thought that counts right? We finally got home just after 9 and DJ went straight to bed with minimal fuss and a few delay/stall tactics....expected! Once he was tucked in, I got to work on the messy kitchen! Got the dishes loaded and entered in my two new reps online so they can officially open for business! Howie had the CMA's on, so I was half listening but it wasn't til 15 mins before it was over that I got to sit. Brad Paisley wining EOTY is awesome!!!!! SO glad I can say I saw him live and KNOW he puts on a great show!! Certainly entertained my socks off! Then I watched the whole thing with a cat in my lap!! Perfect cap to an evening!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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