Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I feel childish

After going to the dentist today! Sheesh!!

This morning the kids woke up at normal time...I think we've gotten over the time change hurdle! Finally! Breakfast was once again cereal...and I must say, Samantha is doing fantastic at making a milk mess!! Ha! She does good getting it all in her mouth too, she's just not got surgeon hands yet lol!

After breakfast they got busy playing, pretending, chasing, giggling, crying, tattling, squealing, sharing, pushing, pulling...normal things! If you know my kids, you can figure out who's doing what on that list!

Before lunch they finally wanted to get dressed! Such lazy kids! No, really, I was having issues with some software on our computer and spent a grueling 2 hours in a "live" chat (that was no where near instant) with some tech...and we did correct the software, but I have no clue if it works as it frustrated me so bad, I haven't gone back to it since the reboot!

After lunch we packed up as I had a meeting with my newest recruit...she used to sell Avon a couple years ago, and wanted back in...gladly!!! So, if you're keeping track, she's #7!! WOOT!!! Did you know anyone in the US can be a rep under me...just saying! We were supposed to meet at McDonalds since they have a play land, but it was cold and rainy, and their structure is outdoors. And then I had a stoke of genius...Fred Meyer!! They have a play land and a starbux!!! Worked perfectly too!! I even got a salted caramel hot chocolate! YUM!!! If you've never had one...GO get one!!!! You can thank me the form of a starbux card :)

Since there wasn't time to head home after my appt, we headed to the dentist's office to wait for Howie. We were doing the vehicle swap...he took the kids home and I went to the dentist. They took x-rays of all my teeth and of the broken one twice. Then I swear I waited a half hour for the dentist to come check me out. Turns out the broken tooth isn't that broken, and doesn't need a crown! SUCH good news!! And all can be fixed with a filling!! Whew!! Then he did a quick check of my other teeth and found 3 (THREE!!!!) more cavities!! SO not kool!! They're tiny, and shouldn't have decay, but we need to tend to them quickly! Which is why all 4 will be filled on the 13th of Dec...blah! And I'm getting a cleaning too! Lovely 2 hour appt to look forward to! I also made an appt for the kids' first ever dental appt next wednesday!! I'm excited! Ha!

Got home shortly after 5 and got dinner going! After that it was bath nite for the kiddos! Then bed time which is, still my fave time of day! Once they were tucked in, I got their laundry going, on my way back up the stairs, I noticed my Avon on the front porch! YES!!! So I got busy sorting and bagging it up.

Howie went to bed shortly after 9:30 and I finally got to sit and watch Glee...which was fantastic as always!!! Love when they do mash-ups!! Now, it be bed time!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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