Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can I tell you something?

Is DJ's newest way of asking if he can speak to you....sounds like my dad somewhat, now that I think about it. When you hear it 100x a day tho, it gets annoying! "Mummy, can I tell you something?" "Mummy can I ask you something?" I love that he's being polite, but sometimes there's no need to ask permission! Whatta kid!

This morning I got to sleep in til 9...not sure Howie even slept in the bed last nite as he got up when I came to bed he was feeling miserable with a head cold coming on. We didn't have any Theraflu so he toughed the night out with the menthol sniffer thingy and probably slept in his chair or on the couch. Poor guy! DJ didn't mind! Not sure what time he came to bed with me, but he was there when he woke up shortly after 7.

While Howie got ready for work I made us breakfast. Samantha ate dry cereal, but at least she ate!! Then she had some apple with me and a couple bites of Howie's egg sandwich! She's feelin fine!!! Never know looking at her that she was sick for 24 hours! Howie left shortly after 9:30 and we were out the door at 10:30...not too bad! Thankfully most of my stuff was already loaded in the truck ready to go Avoning! 

I finally got to connect with a few people today instead of dropping and leaving!!! Was so nice to see my girls again! Even had lunch at Morgin's house...left over turkey and trimmings! Kids didn't mind a bit either!! I was gonna do McD's for us, but my rubber arm got twisted into left overs! YUM!!! Jake even showed up while we were there, so it was nice to see him for an hour too! Then we headed to Joann's as I had some serious coupons to use!!! Got me some cinnamon scented pine cones for the front hall area....the ones from last year are dead!! Well, they were dead to begin with, but the scent was definitely gone from them! Now the front hall smells Christmasy! LOVE it! I also got yarn to finish off the baby blanket I made for my g/f's baby coming next month. Our last stop was at costco, which was convenient as I needed gas...and we got bananas while we were there!

Then we went to the banks, Ben's and the grocery store so I could get some Theraflu for Howie since he was feeling so miserable still. Good thing he's got the weekend ahead to relax. With one last stop on the way home that worked out, we finally got in the house just after 6 and I got right down to the business of making dinner. We picked up some mac n cheese with the were pleased as punch for that! Then they got in their pj's and we snuggled down in my chair to watch Diego. Half way thru we paused to brush teeth and then back to snuggling. Howie came home just as we were finishing up. Tucked them both in bed and silence was golden!!! No more "Mummy can I tell you something?" til tomorrow!!

Howie enjoyed this hot drink and we watched some thing on Televisions most watched holiday shows...something like that...Howie didn't make it long, and headed to bed, I at least had to finish watching was funny! Then I watched a movie I'd dvr'd a while ago called Swing Vote....cute movie! I was a little miffed that I stopped recording with 15 mins left in the movie! We were just coming to the end of the plot (if you can call it that) and it stopped! ARGH!!!!!!!! So don't ask me how it ends...I couldn't tell ya!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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