Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby its cold outside

This morning DJ woke up about 7:30 and just wanted to snuggle...too bad he can't snuggle without fidgeting!! He got up shortly after and went to watch tv...Samantha joined him about 8...and then they both came to snuggle under my warm blanket. I was told then that it was snowing again. The enthusiasm in their voices is sweet!

The morning was lazy as we watched the snow fall! It was teeny tiny flakes because it was SO cold outside!! By noon it was coming down faster, but still small flakes. Howie was getting hammered at work!

After lunch we bundled up and headed to the shed to do the book run. I decided not to run them into town, so we came home instead. DJ got his snow suit on and headed out to play with the boys next door. While Samantha and I hunkered down to watch Dora...she's all the rage these days!

After a good couple hours outside, DJ came in to thaw!! About 4:30 Howie phoned to say he wasn't coming home. The weather and bad tires are not a good combo! I'd kinda figured as much watching it come down here! And I'd been keeping up with twitter and saw it was taking people HOURS to get home!! In fact, at 11 there were still people trying to get home its that bad! But seriously, we've only got 3 or 4 inches...which isn't a lot, but here, they're not prepared for this! Also a very good reason to stay home snuggled under a blanket!

Dinner was sketti as it was easiest with left over sauce! Kids actually enjoyed it and didn't fight eating the tomatoes, aka strawberries, or potatoes...so that made for an enjoyable dinner. Tinkerbell came on the Disney channel and I went and took a shower after putting laundry away. Then it was bed time for the munchkins...who thankfully went to sleep quickly! I was gonna make some more caramel corn, but once I got the kitchen cleaned, I was done for the day! So I sat down and watched tv and knit. Even enjoyed a mug of Gingerbread hot chocolate!!! Well, after I burnt my tongue...man, I hate that!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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