Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have found their currency!

Yesterday at my hair appointment while chatting with Anneke she said something I hadn't heard put "that way" before. We were talking about how DJ won't do certain things for himself as he is quite used to me doing it for wipin his butt after pooping. (hey, its my blog and I'll talk poop if I wanna!) which as I've told him, he's old enough to start doing and will HAVE to do when he goes to school. But the way she said "find his currency" made SO much sense to me! And my thoughts went straight to that bowl of candy up on top of the fridge!!

So, today, when he called me from the bathroom, I went in with a do it, you get to pick anything out of the candy bowl! His eyes lit right up!! And he asked "even the EM EN EM's?" (I wish you could hear him say cute!) and I replied with a big yes!! So, he did it!! He actually did it!! Not well,  but he did it!! lol It'll take some practice! But I no longer fear him going to school and me getting a phone call to come wipe his butt!

I was supposed to have a meeting today at 1, but just as I was putting my shoes on, I got a text message asking to postpone it to another since the kids were already coated and shoe'd up, and DJ buckled in his car seat even, we walked to get the mail and newspaper. And then I checked on my garden...I don't think the acorn squash are gonna get any bigger...which makes me SO sad!! The leaves are all dying and it kinda smells in there! If we get a good dry spell I'll go in and pull everything out. I really wish it had given me a bigger yield. Oh was a good starter garden!!!

Howie got home just after 4:30 and for whatever reason, it became family wrestle time on our bed! And then DJ asked to go for a bike ride, and off they went! Which was the perfect time for me to sit and write up emails and make phone calls with no little voices in the background!! When they came in, I got started on dinner! Did you know chicken noodle soup is a chore to feed my kids!! SOUP!!! They'll eat any veggie (usually) and prefer to eat them over other things (DJ the other nite asked for carrots and grapes over rice) but give them soup and it's a no-go!! Again, the "currency" came in handy! DJ ate all his while Samantha refused! So, he got the candy and she didn't! Boy, did she not like that! But rules are rules! And meant to teach!

Once candy was consumed (and he did share) I bathed the kids before putting them to bed. mmmm they smell so edible after a bath!!! They both went to sleep easily and we got to sit and relax a bit. BUT there wasn't anything to watch thanks to the elections going on here. Thank God the political commercials are DONE!!!! There were SO many of them this year!!!! SO many! So we watched DWTS results show, which is a joke since we don't watch the dancing show to begin with! And really, celebrating their 200th show....they air twice a week!! So really, its their 100th week of being on air. My fave part was watching how the boys have changed over the young they looked in that first season! LOL And OH the HAIR!!!!!! lmao!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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