Monday, November 15, 2010

I will not make a bet

Unless I'm 95% certain I'll win!!! So when Howie asked me yesterday to make a bet with him about whether my g/f Shirah was coming for dinner or not...I took it on!!!! I knew she was coming! Just knew she was coming!!!

This morning I got to sleep in a wee bit....Howie asked for french toast for breakfast, so I got up a bit early to make that happen! Sounded awesome when he asked! And I was not disappointed!!! Delish way to start the day! We then headed to church with time to spare! Dropped SamSam of in her class and she didn't even look back! DJ was excited to hand off our filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child...and I was pleased to see SO many boxes filled at the front of the church!

After church we stopped at Sprint for Howie to get a new case for his phone as his broke...and then the shed to see what was what! Then home for lunch. I didn't want to eat too much as Samantha and I were on our way to a baby shower this afternoon and there's ALWAYS food at a shower! Boy, was I right!!! Samantha even shocked me by eating a lumpia for the first time!!!! Such a good eater! My g/f, and hairdresser, Anneke is in the last 7 weeks of pregnancy and it was good to see her! She's super cute with her pg belly!! I did win one second choice...the real winner had already won a game, and so I was runner up. I chose wisely and got a candle! :) Sam was thrilled for me! She had such a blast that on the 15 minute drive home, she was sound asleep half way home! NOT what I had in mind!

We got home and Howie and DJ were out in the DJ very "lovingly" woke Sam up...and she shared her bounty with him...we were to take party favours from the shower, which were iced sugar cookies and Sam had chosen two butterflies. DJ was thrilled she thought of him!! We all went inside and Howie carried up the two loads of laundry needing folding...and I noticed he'd vacuumed...which was awesome!! So I got busy folding and Howie got the bbq ready for dinner making. Just as I was folding the last of the clothes, Shirah drove up!! YES!!!!!!! I'd won the bet!!!!

What did I win? you ask....

Why I won all the linoleum in the house cleaned by Howie!!! Yessiree bob!!!! Thankfully he gets to use the new mop I bought a few weeks ago and not have to do it on his hands and knees like I did the last time! Thanks honey!!

Dinner was great and we had a great visit! The kids were excited to see her and played hide n seek with her, she didn't even know she was playing til SamSam came out and told her to find them!! SO cute!! She brought a pie so we indulged in some apple pie and whipped cream! Have you ever had to do that by hand!?!?! I wouldn't recommend it!!!! Hurts! A LOT!

She left just after 8 and it was bed time for the kiddos!!! I think it was 8:40 or so when they finally went down...and then I sat down to watch Amazing Race...Howie did for a bit too, to eat caramel corn! Then he went to bed as it's a "school" nite y'know! I then watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! Both of which were humourous! Got quite a bit done on my scarf and I'm trying to decide how long I want it...I'll likely keep it to two skeins...its SO nice to knit with tho!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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