Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm not sure what was different

But today the kids were actually civil to each other! I heard more giggling then screaming!! More playing than fighting! Music to a mom's ears!!! Plus, it was an Avon morning, so even more beautiful really! I've finally switched districts, but still haven't seen the change in ordering days online...which is quite frustrating! Really? How hard is it??? Geographically it makes more sense to add me to the local group than to keep me to a group that's an hour away and delays me terribly! I did get to talk to my new DSM and she seemed nice! I look forward to meeting her in the future.

After my order was placed, we got down to the business of lunch! And a "first" for me...I'd picked up some Greek yogurt from the shed, and I'd never had it. But my mom raves about it, so I thought "why not?" Yeah, its not my taste! Its a lot like sweet sour cream (an oxymoron, I know) but that's the best way to describe it. So I added some of my Pampered Chef dip mix stuff, and it was okay...but the tortilla chips I had were stale...can't win!!

Once lunch was done and the dishes dealt with, we sat down to watch a movie...the prequel to one we watched the other day. It was funny. Kind of a low budget Home Alone...but without a kid...DJ liked it...that's what counts! Just about 4 I went and showered to get ready for my Avon unit's Christmas party. I put something on for the kids, but a half hour program isn't enough! *rolls eyes*  Am I the only one who can't just go shower, but find lots of stuff to do before you can get to what you want?? I swear!!

By the time I came out they were both SLEEPING!!!!!!!!! So not kool!!! I woke them up and they both resisted. I went and got my gift ready for the exchange (I made a scarf/hat and caramel corn) at which point Howie came home....and I noticed both of them were SLEEPING again!!!!!! OY! So got them both up physically instead of just awake...and that seemed to do the trick. I left shortly after 5 for the trip to Everett. Our party was being held at a new Chinese buffet...WOW was it eclectic in choice! There was a Mongolian grill bar, a sushi bar, Chinese food, American food, desserts and ice cream. Quite a lot to choose from for sure! I think the sushi was my fave!

Instead of a learning meeting, this was just a fun we got to play bingo...guess who won?!?! Yep, I did!! My choice of prize was a fondue set! I've never had one, and have always wanted one! So I was pleased!!  Then in the door prizes, I was first number called! So, I picked up this snow globe that's all Spring like, and was thinking it could be for SamSam for her birthday. She'll just love it I'm sure! Not sure if it plays music, as I didn't look that closely to it. Then for the gift exchange, I picked a box that had a bar of Lavender soap on the top of it...smells heavenly! Inside the box was a beautiful angle candle holder with a Jasmine/rose candle in it. Sweet!!!!! Then instead of taking one of the poinsettias that were around, I got a box of Ferraro Rocher...great deal for me since the cats try to eat any plant in the house, and poinsettias are dangerous for them. Then before I left Rachel gifted me a bag of goodies! A beautiful cup and saucer with a matching tea towel and a pack of hot chocolate mix. SO me!!! And all in browns! :) She pays attention!

The drive home was a rainy mess....I think I had 15 tanker trucks pass me splashing up gunk at me! Then I got to ride along with a train down hwy 2...that was kinda kool...DJ so would have loved that! Howie was in bed when I got home, but still up, so I showed him all my loot! Then I tucked DJ in, as I promised I would, and settled in the chair (not mine :( as it's moved) and watched tv. Nothing seemed to be on but the Victoria Secret fashion (really?) show...which had Katy Perry (she can SING) and Akon as musical guests. wasted time! Its quite opulent really! Then I watched Glee!! Now THAT is a show!!!!! While it wasn't full of songs I could sing along to, it sure was full of drama!! Just love that show!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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