Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jake, Jake, Jake!!

Oh...I'm probably as heartbroken as Tenley is right now!!!!

If you follow The Bachelor you know what I'm talking about...if you don't...that's okay! (that was more for my parents than anything :) hahaha)

Men are stupid sometimes....thinking with the wrong head! There, I said it! I'm done! I wish Tenley all the best in her life!!!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day for March 1st!!! Truly remarkable!! I was even out there with no jacket on it was that nice!!!

Samantha has learned the fine art of begging....and her persistent ways are quite amusing!! She wants to be outside with DJ ALL the time now!!! Howie is working graveyard this week, and that means he's getting home right as we're getting up. He's also going to bed right when the kids are their loudest...in the mornings! Trying to keep them occupied and quiet is a job in an of itself! Turns out tho I needn't be so worried....he's got earplugs and can't hear a thing! Good to know!

In any case, there came a knock on the door about 11:30 and it was Kristopher asking to play with DJ...methinks his mom saw my status update on Facebook about trying to keep them quiet...THANK YOU!!!

Samantha was okay with DJ going outside...she played upstairs and downstairs....she was quite content! But then came lunch! I wasn't sure if DJ would want to eat when we did, but I made up a plate for him anyways...and he did...but he wanted to eat outside!!! I saw our neighbours eating on their back deck, so I thought he wanted to join them...I got my shoes on and was all ready to go over there and get him settled...but he just wanted to eat outside on OUR back deck...where there's no chairs....no table...nothing! But that's what he wanted...and that's what he did!

After lunch SamSam was inconsolable about wanting to outside to "nay" (her version of play) and so we changed her diaper, put her shoes on and headed out. We were out there for a good hour if not longer. And boy, she did NOT want to come inside!!! But a nap was in order for her! She fought that too!! And then, when she woke up (after me waking her) she was all snuggly til she saw DJ was still outside playing. She then got down off my lap, went downstairs to the front door, got her shoes, came back upstairs and brought them to me and said "nay!"

Since I did say she could go back outside, I gave in! That and Howie wanted to go have another bit of sleep. I took a magazine and sat on the stairs while she played. Then Caleb came out and the two of them checked each other out. Then the neighbours decided to go for a walk, and invited us to join...so we did!

Samantha got to learn about cars and how she needs to stayclosetome when she sees one...thankfully we're out in the boonies and there aren't even a fraction of what we had at our last house!!! We had a great walk and got back about 5:45...just in time to get dinner going. The kids were starting to meltdown...so food was good! Howie had already woken and was helping get everything done! Whew!

Both kids went down fast tonite too! Sam did fight a bit...she didn't want to nurse at all...just wanted Daddy...so I let her be. He went in, tucked her in, and said good nite...and the crying started!!! I went in about 10 mins later and she wanted to nurse...so we did! I've decided to start cutting her sessions down...we're starting at 5 minutes...she was happy with that! And when right to sleep when I laid her down.

Howie left for work and I got down to knitting! Man, it's coming along FAST!!!!! I may have this done before Sam's birthday, which would be AWESOME!!!!! And I watched the Bachelor...shaking my head! Still shaking my head!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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