Saturday, March 20, 2010

Safe and Sound

That's my parents right now!! As they sleep downstairs in Jake's and sound!!!

The day finally arrived that they got on a plane in Toronto, had a layover in Calgary and then came to Seattle! Howie went after work and picked them up and whisked them home!

Today tho, was like any other grocery day...BUSY!!! We were all set to go at 10 this morning and Kristopher was already outside playing...hmmmm too tempting for a 3 year old? You betcha!!! He got invited to stay with them while SamSam and I went shopping...he chose YES!!! lol It was kind of a no brainer!

So I kissed him good bye and buckled Sam in and off we went! It took us an HOUR to get to Costco!!! It's normally a 25 minute ride! Turns out the one and only light on 522 was down and so it was being treated like a stop sign....NOT fun! Our direction (and opposite) were 2 lanes...and a turning lane!! The other direction was easy as it's not overly used really. Inch by inch we crept forward...I finally called Howie to see if he knew what was up...and he was the one to tell me about the light being down.

Just as I got up to it, it started working! Finally!!!! Moving at a much quicker pace we set off for an AMAZING parking Sam in the cart and headed toward the entrance...only to be told by someone walking back to his vehicle that Costco had no power! UGH!!!!!! Now it all makes sense!!! The gas station was down....the parking lot very empty....and people milling around the entrance! We (I) decided to wait it out a bit...and thankfully within 15 minutes they were up and running! Shopping when there's no one in the store is a FABULOUS idea!! We zipped thru everything and got what we needed and checked out in record time!!! I was so quick that the checkers had hardly anyone...I never lifted one thing out of my cart...there were 3 people who suddenly appeared to do it for me!!! Likin that action!

Since the store had power, so did the gas station, so we waited in line for that....insane how busy that got so quickly! It was noon by the time we got out of there and on our way back to Monroe for a stop at Fred Meyer. I was smart and grabbed something for Sam to eat before we left....and filled her sippy cup! So she ate while I shopped. Next time I go....I get to go alone!!! She will finally be able to go in the Playland area!!!!!

It was just about 2 by the time we got home!! I got everything in the house and put the frozen stuff away and put Sam down for her nap! Then putzed around til it was time to wake her up and head back out. She didn't seem to mind that one bit!!!! Any reason to put her shoes and coat on are good enough for her!

Again DJ hung at home playing outside while we were in town. I can't thank my neighbours enough for "adopting" him for the day! He had SO much fun!

We got back about 6 and I'd been smart enough to set the timer on the oven to get it pre heated for pizza! Popped it in the oven and then rounded up the kids for dinner. After dinner it was definitely bath nite! In fact, DJ turned the water gray he was so dirty!!!!

During bath I was kept apprised of the parental acquisition....and knew approximately when they'd kept the kids awake for them to see Grandma and Poppa. It was DARLING hearing Samantha say "Hi Gamma" at the top of the stairs! And it took some serious coaxing for the kids to show the coaxing even!! lol

Once the kids were in bed, we visited with mom and dad and then they hit the sack! Howie stayed up watching some show on Versus and I was a knitting fool!!! Good thing too...I got that sweater done!! Now I just need to wrap it up and call it good!

As soon as the brownies are done in the oven I'm hittin the hay....gonna be a BUSY day again tomorrow...what with a little girl turning 2 and all!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. My mom travels to Seattle every year (shes 89!!!) to visit a friend in Olympia. She has taken the flight your parents did, but the past 3 times she has gone WestJet to Vancouver and Alaskan Air on to Seattle. She loves westjet, they take such good care of her, and says the connection is much faster and the price cheaper. Your parents should look into it for next time. I am happy you have them for a visit, it must be so nice for you. :o)


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