Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swing and a miss

I seem to have sidestepped the virus that has plagued my family all week!! For this, I'm truly grateful! I absolutely ABHOR vomiting!! I'd never be a good bulimic for that reason! I hate when its so violent it comes out your nose....and burns your throat....ugh, there's just nothing good about it!

And today, DJ seems none too worse for the wear!! He woke up twice last nite to dry heave, and each time I put him back to bed he'd ask me "When Daddy goes to work, can I come sleep with you?" awwwwwwwww and of course I told him yes!

The last time he woke up was about 12:30 and I went to bed at one....I'd told him that if he woke up in the middle of the nite to go straight to the bathroom and turn on the light. I propped our door open so the light would wake one of us to attend him....Howie said my slippers never moved when he got up for work. So that's awesome!

Today, I kept waiting for the Poohnami to hit him....but nothing!! Granted he hasn't done any business since yesterday, so we'll see! Samantha did some business she's back to normal 100%!!!

Poor DJ know how dogs are tortured by squirrels outside that they can't get at....or how cats are tortured thru windows by birds?? DJ was tortured today by Kristopher outside having a fun time while he was stuck inside. But I didn't have to be the "bad guy" on that one! I'd called Lara to see if she was okay with DJ playing outside and she preferred not to...which I totally understand!! And I'm sure she totally understands the inquisition DJ put me thru about why he couldn't! It was funny! Eventually tho he gave up on the idea and opening the window to chat with Kristopher...til I started feeling the chill of it being open!

Once Howie came home tho, they had a good wrastling session and cured DJ of some of his angst! He also got to "help" Howie put Jake's room back which point we found the new wheels for DJ's closet door that I'd bought last Saturday and DJ hid...

Dinner was another "light" on the tummy fare....DJ did well with no breakfast and a lunch of toast and dinner was waffles and eggs. Easy breezy!!! And I got to pull out my waffle doesn't get much counter time! I should have pulled out a timer too!!! They were getting better by the end of my making them!

Now, after knitting for a couple hours, I'm relaxed and ready for bed! Got caught up on some stuff in DVR and of course watched the results of American Idol (AI from now on!) and was a little shocked to see Lacey got voted off....I thought for SURE it was going to be Paige! I'm very sure I don't care for Orinanthi (?) or Kesha....yuck!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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