Friday, March 5, 2010

I don't like the jail Mum

Was what my son said to me in his uber sleepy voice!!!!! I'm glad that's what stuck with him from today's field trip!!

We visited the Monroe Police of the moms in the Mommy & Me group works as a dispatcher, so she got us our "in" to have a tour.

Kristopher was there, so he and DJ were pretty much glued together checking things out...which worked out perfectly for me as Samantha was on a tear today! It was like she cloned herself and was everywhere all at once!! I didn't get one picture taken thanks to her shenanigans! Thankfully, other moms told me she got one of DJ in the back of the squad car...not my ideal photo!! And then my neighbour piped up and said she got one of him and Kristopher in the front of the car...thanks Lara!!!

We got a tour of the inside of the building...the holding jail cells (4 of them) and the kids got to check out the finger print machine...and then they got a little car seat safety lesson and play with a shield, helmet and vest...and then the squad car outside. We had a great police officer who let the kids play with the lights, sirens and spot light...and climb all over the car. My only complaint (if you can call it that) was that the car was running! What if one of them had knocked the car in gear...accidentally, but knowing that's "How mommy does it"...Y'know?

All in all, it was a great tour!!! So to have DJ remember it and tell me about the jail many hours later...without prompting...tells me he enjoyed it too!!

At the end, they gave the kids those litter bags from long ago that we used to get at parades and such when I was a kid...filled with a wood air plane, crayons, colouring books/pages, a balloon, a pencil and a whistle.

WHY ON EARTH would they give toddlers whistles!?!?!?!? Not only did it drive me nuts, but apparently Snickers doesn't like it either and was wigging out whenever DJ blew his. Samantha totally enjoyed blowing hers while we were shopping at Freddy's today and telling who ever would look at her to "BOP!"...her version of STOP! It was cute...the first time! After the 10th time, it wasn't so cute anymore!!

DJ was extremely busy playing when I was ready to go shopping, so he stayed back with the neighbours (Thank you!) and even ended up having dinner there with them....pop and all! He told me the pop, and how he had a cup and cute! Sam and I had breakfast for dinner instead! Worked out perfectly if you ask me!!

Now, I've got my first batch of homemade granola in the oven...smells heavenly!!!! And I'm on the last sleeve of the sweater!!! I really will make my goal of having it done by fact, I think I'll have another one on the needles by then!!! Sweet!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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