Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the Oscar goes to....

Some amazing talent!!!!! Had I been in a pool for winners, I would have done very well!!! :)

Today was buszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!! Whew!

DJ woke us up just before 7 and we sent him out to watch TV...I got up to pee, he needed to pee and back out he went. I crawled back in bed with Howie (who tried to tell me last nite that I was getting up with the kids...ha!) and we both dozed in and out til 8:40 when Miss Samantha set off her alarm! "Daddy!!!!" love it!

Our goal today was to be out of the house for 10:30...didn't quite happen that was 11 when we pulled out of the driveway. It didn't help that Snickers took off roaming and wouldn't come when called! Rascal!

We had plans to do lunch and cake with our twin nieces...Jessica and, since we were going to be in town we hit up Best Buy to get Howie's birthday gift (you'll have to wait to hear about it ON his day, since he's already playing with it!) and check out what's new computer wise. Can I just say that our 3 year old (which in reality is NOT old) computer is OLD!!! It's ancient in the world of technology!!! It sure is fun to look tho! If it ain't

After that we stopped at Walmart...I'm such a good mom that I ALWAYS pack diapers for Samantha....*eye roll* and I'm ALWAYS prepared with birthday cards....*eye roll* I popped in super quick and was outta there in less than 5 minutes! It would have been 4 minutes if the guy ahead of me had not been on his phone talking while taking care of his transaction....*eye roll*

We made to SIL and BIL's house a few minutes late, but turns out we were still good time-wise...SIL was still out getting pizza for lunch. Both DJ and Samantha were playing their shy card with everyone...even Jake! Which also meant I had to barnacles attached to me...*eye roll*

After lunch the girls opened their presents...they're 14 now, so the gifts are getting smaller and smaller....and more green....just how they like it! We then indulged in overly chocolate cake and ice cream....and then visited for a while.

About 3:30 we took off knowing Samantha needed some semblance of a nap...which it didn't take her long to accomplish! DJ too for that matter!!! So with both of them sleeping we stopped and got Howie something else for his birthday (again, you have to wait!) and then headed home.

Just in time to watch the Oscars!! DJ got to play outside with Kristopher and when it started raining headed indoors to their basement. Dinner wasn't really....we were all still full from Sam and I ate light, and Howie ate later and DJ had chocolate cake (thanks Mike!) over at the neighbours house...and he came home at 8. Had a quick bowl of cereal and off to bed they both went.

Now, they're all in bed, I'm done blogging and I'm off to finish the last 3 inches of that sweater...I. MUST. FINISH. IT. TONITE!!! That was the goal remember?? Whew! Might not get the next one on the needles, but I will finish the other!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I can so relate to this post and the dynamics of family plans and outings. My daughter is almost 16 and my fiancé has visitation with his kids ages 3 and 5 both are girls. The weekends with them are like a family zoo when we are together but sooo fun! This post reminded me of our Sunday. :-)


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