Friday, March 26, 2010

The rain today

Totally matched my mood this morning! I woke up on my own at 7:10....checked my phone and got caught up on dressed and was the only one awake for a while. It was kind of eerie!! I even had the thought "this is what Saturday mornings are going to feel like in a few years once both kids are in school...they'll be sleeping, but I'll be awake!" What an odd thought!

DJ didn't sleep much past me...he was up at 7:40 and very confused why I wasn't in bed! My mom and dad were up downstairs and packing the last of their stuff. They were headed home this you know why I was so blue!

Our goal was to leave at 9 to get to the airport by 10:30...we left at 9:07...not too bad really! And even better...we arrived at the airport at 10:10! No, I wasn't was pouring down rain! Just a good traffic day, that and Howie gave me different directions which were quicker! We hugged good bye and off they went!

I didn't go home straight away....instead we went to Lynnwood as I had an Avon meeting this afternoon. We had an hour to kill, so we went to the "other" Walmart (where else!??) [shush Joanna!] to see if they had the shoes I was looking for. They didn't! Plus, SamSam had pee'd her pants, so we needed a new pair for her. She got gauchos! It was funny to watch her try to pull the down to her ankles while wearing them! I also investigated bicycles for DJ as that's what he'd like for his birthday....oh the scrapes we've yet to see!

It wasn't til I pulled into the parking lot at Walmart (where else!?!?) that I noticed my mom had left her phone in the truck...she was charging it up so she could turn it on at the Vancouver airport during their layover. Not sure when she realized it, I have yet to talk to her. I'd be freaking if it was me....heck, I was freaking over losing the trackball! I can't imagine the whole phone being gone from me!!! In any case, it's all packed up ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow! That's what she'd do for me!!!

The kids and I ate the lunch I packed in the truck outside my SIL's house while we were waiting for her to come home. She was my babysitter while I was at the meeting...and she lives REALLY close to where my meetings are! So its perfect! The kids had no trouble going into her house...I gave her the bribery treats! LOL

Meeting was GOOD! I feel like I learned a lot! It was kind of a mini fragrance workshop...and way more information than I had before...which is always good! Plus, my name got drawn and I won the newest lipstick/gloss from Reese Witherspoon's collection and a new lotion that's Brazil Breeze...I smelled like summer!

Howie beat us home and we both left at the same time...within 1o minutes I had two sleeping children...damn those car naps!!! DJ was the first to go with Samantha right behind him within minutes! DJ did fine waking up and snapping out of that "I-shouldn't-have-had-that-nap" funk as Kristopher was he perked right up for that!

Sam...notsomuch! She was miserable in her "I-needed-more-of-a-nap-than-that" funk!! I even put her in her room to cry as I was tired of listening to it...she got louder! She did finally calm down enough to just sit nicely on my lap once I had the sketti sauce going.

Oh, I think I sprained my thumb this morning....I thought I broke it, but thought it would be hurting way more if that was the case! I was getting up off the floor from changing Sam's diaper this morning, and instead of USING the thumb (and the rest of my hand) to get up, it somehow folded under my hand the moment all my weight went onto that hand. OUCH!!!!!!!! Its the knuckle closest to the hand....not the one closest to the nail. Amazing how much the thumb does...its like a hidden talent!

Now, I'm done vegging for the nite...and going to bed! Got another full day tomorrow! :)

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. You are sure right that I missed my phone in about 10 minutes inside the airport. Almost tried to call you to come back to sidewalk but oh well. Flights were smooth enough but still tiring to sit so long. Own bed felt good and didn't wake til 9am. Good visit, Thanks. Kids are wonderful!


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