Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still Not "it"

Which is a good thing!! Feeling great!! No sign of anything viral in my body! I'm likin it!!

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day too!! DJ was outside playing by 11 am! YES!!! And Samantha was busy colouring and playing while he was gone! She sings now. I mean, really sings! This morning when we were in her room getting her clothes, she asked for Barney on her CD I hit play and she sang Twinkle Twinkle with Barney! I was FLOORED!!! And moved to tears!!! I had no idea she knew how to sing! Oh it was SO cute too!!! Didn't get all the words, but she was singing and keeping up! YAY!!!! DJ still won't sing along...brat!

DJ didn't bother coming in for lunch as he had two days worth of playing to make up for! He did come in at one point for a snack to take outside to eat...cheese and fruit snacks. Not sure what, if anything, he ate next he was SUPER hungry come dinner!!! He beat us all too!

While Sam was napping I had all these grand plans (even made a list!) but got sidetracked talking with my Aunt on facebook in chat. She made me laugh when she wondered how I got anything done/time to blog with my two kids under foot. And then commented how her life wouldn't be as exciting to blog about....I don't think my life is exciting by any means!! Just doing the mom thing and living to tell about it! :)

I got the birthday cake made...and quite annoyed the middle "fell" on it....haven't figured out yet what to do with it...grrr
I also got the granola made...right this time! And OH it smells YUMMY!!!!!
I did get the grocery list made up for tomorrow's escapade!!

And as I'm typing this, Howie's steam cleaning the carpets! With all the puking from SamSam over the last couple months, we were due!! Not to mention the Jasper (cat) puking everywhere and anywhere! At least the dog pukes in the kitchen...easy to clean up! Or outside for that matter!

As soon as he's done, I'm claiming a spot on the couch (he moved our chairs into the kitchen) to watch tv and knit....on the first sleeve of the sweater and want to get it done by tonite! I'm on a bit of a time crunch for this one! It's a gift!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Just saying... (lol, I get that from you) Cats always puke on carpets because they heave so hard they need the traction they get by putting their claws in the carpet. It doesnt help the carpets any to know this, but at least you know they dont do it just to spite you.


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