Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The internet has done it again!

Truly amazing too!!

I got an email this evening from my Aunt in Ontario about my cousin in Australia who's wife had their baby, a girl, on the 10th of March while its still very clearly the 9th for us...and then I turn around and ask my mom if she's heard the news and she's in Ontario....did ya follow that path!?! I'm just amazed at how small the world can get when the Internet is involved!!

In any case, I'm VERY happy for my cousin and his wife!!! This is Princess number 3 for them! And she's got my name as a middle name!!! Ok, not MY name, but our Grandmother's name...who I was named after...it's a technicality! lol I'm willing to overlook that! ha!

Speaking of Grandmothers....today was my dad's mom's birthday...let's see she would have been 115 today...but she passed 14 years ago now...yup, she almost made it to 101!!! Can you imagine!??! Even the fact that I have that kind of lineage is pretty impressive! I thought a lot about her today...any time I looked at the calendar, which was a lot as it was an Avon order day!

And that made it another stay at home day....I didn't mind!! This week is a lay low week as the next couple are going to be whirlwinds! I can't wait for my parents to get here!! Did I mention that yet?? Its been 7 months!! After living with them for 10 months, 7 months seems a long time to go without seeing them! Besides, I love them and love spending time with them! Hurry up!!! lol

The kids and I got the play room picked up....it started with tidying the living room for real, so I could vacuum, and then I worked my way down the stairs, got something caught in the vacuum, Howie came to my rescue, and while he was cleaning the filters, I got busy with the kids picking up ALL the toys...and Howie finished the vacuuming...isn't he a sweetheart!?!?! For a few minutes the house looked good!! *sigh*

After all that cleaning I grabbed a shower and then we put the kids to bed. Once they were settled I got down to business knitting....and fighting with a skein of yarn...I won 2 rounds and the skein won 1....stupid yarn!! It all started because I thought the yarn was too thin for what I want to use it for, so me and my brilliant brain decided to double the yarn up from the get go...which if I'd really thought this through I would have unwound the skein first....I didn't...and ended up with such a mess of yarn that was SOOOO tangled up the only remedy was scissors! Which is how its now in 2 balls, and one tangled mess in the garbage....grrrrrrrrr Last nite it was needles, and tonite it was the yarn itself! Feels like a conspiracy to me!!! :)

Til next time...ciao!


  1. LOL I had to actually laugh out loud at your yarn story. I make a baby afghan that calls for 2 strands, but doesn't require 2 skeins of yarn so I take one strand from the middle & one from the outside and it always gets in a mess. You would think I would learn since I have made this blanket a dozen times but nooooooooooooooo, not me. Not to mention how messy things get when the cats try to help. hehehe

  2. Hey Missy!! Now I am going to sit down with a cup of "tea" (really it is apple cider vinegar, hot water and honey) and read your blog and try to play catch up... sorta!! I have a few blogs that if you are interested you can read (the addys are on my FB) and it will give a small overview of my life... I think they have Gwenyth Paltro scheduled to play me in the movie... lol

  3. WOW, almost 101 was she? That's amazing!

    I LOVE the internet too. I don't understand why so many people are turned off by it. It truly is incredible how much information you can gather and share so quickly. Congrats to your cousin.

    I think it's a conspiracy but keep trying I bet it will be an incredible finished project. :-)


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