Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nope, no snow here!!!


They say its coming!!!!

And its cold enough to do it.....

Oh I have mixed emotions about this!

While it would be great for the kids to see and play in it....the trees and flowers are in mid-spring mode!! Even my blueberry bushes have new leaves on them already!! So, the snow may hurt them...I don't want that!

See....mixed emotions.

I can tell you about another emotion I experienced today...grief!

I seem to have lost a circular knitting needle that I last used on Tuesday or Wednesday....SO frustrating!! Howie and I searched EVERYWHERE for it after the kids went to bed....and nada! No sign of it! He told me to go out and buy a new one, but I just used a smaller sized needle and the sweater seems to be knitting up just fine. But, its still frustrating!!!! Next time, remind me to take it off my neck when I'm done with it and put it away....grrrrrrrrrrrr I hate when its my own fault too!!!

Today was a stay home and go no where kind of day! Perfect! The morning was spent inside cleaning up, which to DJ means just moving the toys somewhere else to play with them...you'd hardly know he tidied! And looking at the kitchen counters, you'd hardly know I had them clean earlier today too...he must get it from me! lol

After lunch DJ was literally begging to go outside (which reminds me of a funny story from this morning...I got up hearing some kind of lawn mower noise, and look outside the back deck and see this machine doing something to my ditch. So I call Howie and he says "get out there and find out what's going on and call me back!!!" So, I grab my coat and head outside. The guy turns everything off and steps out of his unit, and asks "Uh oh, am I doing something wrong?" To which I reply "That depends...what ARE you doing??" and he told me he was "reclaiming the ditch" and clearing out all the sticker bushes and whatnot. It was all good!) so when I got SamSam down for her nap he got dressed and headed out. And thankfully they were home and he was able to stay out and play...which freed me up to work on my Avon orders. Whew!

I also got a great chat in with my mom as she was home for the day! I'm getting VERY excited for their arrival on the 19th! So I'll warn you now...if I don't post, don't call the bounty hunter on me! LOL

Once Sam got up from her nap I took her outside to play a bit too...but man was it cold!! The sun was shining, so it was deceiving to look outside and want to be in it after the past few weeks. The boys decided to come in and play which was fine with me...as long as they kept the toys downstairs! Kristopher even stayed for dinner which was scrumptious! Howie bbq'd a London Broil and oh it was tasty!!!! I did alfredo noodles and asparagus (green beans for the kids) but the asparagus I didn't care for tonite...I tried something new, and won't be doing that again! Live and learn!

Once the kids were in bed I got down to knitting...in fact, I got just finished a good 2 hour sitting/knitting session!! Got the entire yoke done on another sweater and workin on the body now. I just LOVE how easy this pattern is!!

Til next time...ciao!

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