Monday, March 15, 2010

I think I much prefer

25 hours in the day than 23!! 24 is also acceptable!! But man, losing that hour today had me all loopy! Still does! My body think's its only 12:30...not 1:30! Losing an hour is not a night owl's favourite thing!!!!!

Speaking of you think they even notice the hour thing?? I wanna know when they're going to do away with this changing the clocks business!

This morning I didn't get to sleep in either...the clock was lying to said 9 but oh I knew it was 8!! And it didn't help matters that as I'm in the bathroom takingcareofbusiness that DJ comes running in saying "Daddy needs your help, Sam's choking!" After a bit of clarification she was puking, not choking. Lovely way to start the day!

Thankfully there wasn't anything in her tummy TO throw up! After sitting with me for a half hour we tried her half 'n half (water and apple juice) and I tried telling her to take it easy but she guzzled....and threw it up 20 minutes later. Thankfully she's getting better at notifying me and asking for the bowl. YAY!! We finally had a successful puke!!!

It was her last one too!! She ate 8 squares of Albertsons brand Oat Squares and finished off her half 'n half....and kept it all down! For lunch offered her some buttered go! She wanted cheese! So instead of giving her the real dairy cheese, I gave her a slice of Kraft cheese...and she gobbled it...said she was done and got down.

We kept pumping the fluids tho! No sense in her getting dehydrated on top of it all!

While all this is going on....Howie was downstairs painting...and quickly too!! It was a beautiful day today and he had the windows open downstairs which created a good cross breeze to dry the paint. He even got Jake's green wall painted!!! Such a beautiful shade of green too!!! Love it!!

Once SamSam was down for her nap, DJ and I took off for Lowes to get more paint edging supplies for Howie (he discovered the edger Tiffany was talking about back in October and LOVES it!) and also some lattice for the front of the house. Plus, conveniently, I had two more Avon deliveries and Kody was willing to meet me in town! Two stone! Perfect!

I stopped at the consignment store I've been wanting to go into for a while now and today was their first Sunday that was good! I got Sam a brand new pair of Gymboree shoes for 7.00...they retail for 32!! SCORE!!! And I found a cute summer had for her and a pr of pj's that were on for a 1.00! Not too shabby! Also got their policy for consigning stuff and will probably gather up soon to see if we can declutter the closets a bit! As we were in the store, DJ asked to be done with his gum...and I told him to wait til we got out to the when I got done with my last delivery at the salon, I remembered about his gum and asked if he wanted to get rid of it. He told me he already the "play store" (they had a play area) and so we headed back to the store so he could show me where it was. They were closed but the gal that rang me up was still there and let us in once I explained what he did. We found it and threw it out. She also chastised him a bit for it, which was good! Hopefully he learned the lesson!

When we got home the neighbours were outside enjoying the sunshine and so DJ got to play outside! Sweet! Sam was still sleeping so I woke her butt up as it was 4:30!! Yikes! She wasn't too bad going down for bed time tho.

Dinner was light...we did breakfast...eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and yogurt! That's all Sam that's all she had! She ate about 4 oz of the 6 so not too bad. I wish she could talk more and tell me what's going on inside her body! This guessing game is awful!

Now, I'm done watching the dvr'd Celebrity Apprentice...its going to be a banner season for that one!! Whoo!! And as I'm typing this up, my poor husband now has the stomach bug and is in the bathroom....poor guy!! So it is obviously a bug and here's hoping it passes SOON!!! If we start from Wednesday nite, Sam had if for almost 4 days! This does not bode well for the birthday weekend coming up! I hope DJ and I are in the clear!! Please God!

Til next time...ciao!

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