Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

We're a little late....ok, a lot late...but its STILL that counts!!

Since we had some weak stomachs on the real day, we celebrated today with corned beef and some green asparagus (kids had broccoli) and some butternut squash that neither child could stop eating! They both even gobbled up their meat!!!! There was only enough left over for Howie's lunch time...a bigger one!!!

Today was a most productive rainy day!!! As soon as I got up this morning I stripped the bed and put the in the wash! That right there made me feel accomplished today, if I did nothing else, I did that! lol

After breakfast I got busy in the kitchen...all my new Pampered Chef and Tupperware stuff took up room in the dishwasher and set me back a on to task we went! In fact I did 2 loads of dishes today....I made caramel corn today, so that takes up 5 pieces of equipment! Would have been four if I'd done it the right way the first time...lesson learned!

I think I got 4 or 5 loads of laundry done too....with none waiting in the wash as we speak! I'm sure tho, that if I gathered, I could make another load! And I know Howie has some towels in the garage that he wants washed...I swear, its never ending!!!

After dinner I gave Howie a hair cut as he's got staff pictures tomorrow morning for work....I guess its been a while since his last one. Hey, I wonder if we could get the old one...that'd be fun!!! hahaha

OHHHH this afternoon our wonderful neighbour loaned us The Blind Side...and some popcorn! So we took a break while Sam was napping to watch it....what a FABULOUS movie!!!! Michael Oher just gained a new fan!! Which means the Baltimore Ravens just did too!! I can totally see why Sandra Bullock won the Oscar she did!!! Truly amazing performance!!! I SOOOOOOO wanna be Leigh Anne Tuohy when I grow up!! She's got some serious cojones!!

Now, I'm dragging my butt to our fresh sheets!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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