Friday, March 26, 2010

Today I think I suffered from

ADD...I could not keep my head on straight or focus on any one task for too long!!! Today, I could have used an assistant!!! Whew!

Because it was Friday, Howie got up with the kids and I slept right til 9...SO nice!!!! He even fed the kids which was bonus! So I made him a nice breakfast to say thanks!

Samantha had a "well child" check...kinda like preventative 11:15 and my goal was to get out of the house at 10:15...that did NOT happen! Snickers went lallygagging and wouldn't come when called...I could SEE her across the street, but she ignored me...kinda how my kids were behaving too! SO frustrating!!! In hindsight, I should have put them in the truck and finished what I needed to do in peace and quiet...would have saved my voice and patience!! There's always next time...and there WILL be a next time!

So, we got on the road at 10:35....which was going to be tricky to get to Edmonds by 11:15! I didn't make it! At 11:14 I called the Dr's office to let them know I was running late....learned something new too, they'll allow me to be late by 15 minutes, but if its past that, then I lose the appt all together! So, if the Dr is running 15 minutes late....yeah, there's no

My little girl who was 20 inches, and 10 lbs 8 oz at birth is now 35 inches tall and 29.2 lbs!!! Amazing isn't it!!! She's in the 75th percentile for kids her age...which in my books, is perfect!!! DJ's always been in the this 75th stuff is nice! I can still pick her up with ease...him I don't! She got the full body work up today too! And checked out very healthy! Even showed off for the Dr all her knowledge...and then clammed up when she realized she was in a test! She did NOT like the needle by any stretch of the imagination...but at least it was only one! And it was over quick! We had a different nurse today, as our normal nurse had a family I was bummed to miss out on Jennifer!

I also showed the Dr DJ's lump on the side of his neck...and she's not worried about it at all! If it was to get to golf ball size, then she'd do something, but as it is now, kids get them when they're sick (and he has been this year!) or if they've hurt themselves (and he does on a daily basis!) so no cause for concern! Whew!

After the Dr we went to Joann's where I was in search of some tulle and ribbon to make up some Avon demo things for the new perfume coming out....Eternal Magic. It smells SO good!!! I now wear it every day its that good!

Before we went in the store we ate our lunch I packed up...better to have happy children than hungry ones!! Worked like a charm too til we had to stand around twiddling our thumbs waiting to get the tulle cut at the fabric that was a long wait!!!!

Once we were done, we hit the highway! Sam fell asleep almost instantly....and DJ followed suit shortly after! Such a nice quiet ride home!! Bliss almost!

When we got home DJ played outside and Sam and I played inside...with all the new Avon that came...and then while we were doing that, the Pampered Chef got delivered!! Sam thought it was her birthday again she was so excited to open everything! She snagged my new mesh colanders and all my bamboo utensils and had herself a little party! Kept her busy while I bagged up all the orders!

We started the evening with Kristopher spending the nite, but by 10 pm he wanted to go I walked him home and by the time I got back, DJ was half asleep already! Howie went to bed, and now its just me and the furry ones! Gonna go watch some stuff on DVR and relax! Well, not totally, I now have 3 loads of laundry to fold!!

Til next time...ciao!

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