Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First things first

I absolutely MUST apologize to my poor mother!! I couldn't possibly imagine being in her shoes right now! As sturdy as they are....

Mom, I still have your phone...when I went to the post office on Saturday in Mukilteo they were closed....so I tried using their automated machine and it wouldn't do international....

This morning as soon as breakfast was done, I got the kids dressed, and got everything ready to go and when we got out to the truck DJ opened the door and was aghast..."Where's Sam's dar seat??" Sadly....still in Howie's car from when we went delivering on Saturday. My plan then was to go when Howie got home from work...they close at 5 and he got home at 4:50...

It gets worse....he brought home a treadmill we bought...in a truck....so his car is still at work...with the car seat in it!! Which means....I can't go anywhere tomorrow either!! I will try to go when Howie gets home, if he gets home at his normal time which is 4:20...that gives me plenty of to zip down into town and post it.

You still love me right??

That was the gist of my day....attempt to do something, and find a serious road block! So I took a nap this afternoon to try and alleviate some of the rain fog we're in...it didn't work!! And man, is it RAINY out there!!! Some parts even had hail! I read on FB on a status that we're actually not the Northwest...we're the Northwet! Perfect right about now!!

Other than the rain, it was a good day...the kids and I cleaned the downstairs toy room so that there's a place for the treadmill....which to them meant it was play time. We did go thru them and throw some out...and designate some for outdoor use, which DJ was happy about!!

Now, I'm callin it a day!!

Til next time...ciao!

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