Saturday, March 27, 2010

You know that spot

Right between your biggest toe and the one next to it....

Mine kinda hurts!!!

But that would be because I wore SANDALS today!!!! Sandals!!! In March!!!!! This is insane!!! And so awesome!!! :D

This morning got a slow start, but a rather enjoyable one all around. DJ joined me at some point during the nite, Howie had a rough allergy nite. Anyways, DJ woke up around 8:30 and so it wasn't too long after that I did too. Today was an Avon delivery day! And Pampered Chef!!

My goal was 10 am....then 10:30....then, sometime today!

Finally at 11 SamSam and I took off!! DJ was already outside playing which left Howie free to work around the house/yard/garage/anything he wanted to!

I had 13 stops on my list for today...most of which weren't home, so that made it a little easier time-wise...I had a date this afternoon with a little girl who's only 4 1/2 weeks old!!! I didn't get to see her tho til just before 3...having Miss Samantha with me made some of my stops a little longer than normal....she's so cute y'know! I got to hold her (oh she's so TINY!) and shush her and talk to and enjoy the little aches in my muscles that haven't been used to holding an infant in a while!! I had absolutely NO baby fever which is incredible to me!!! Foreign almost! I'm extremely happy with my two kids!!! Miss Kiri is a doll tho! Thanks for letting me hold her Tiffany!!

One of my stops was with my g/f Jackie as she ordered from Pampered Chef...and I'd ordered from we had a bag swap! I got two sandwich containers and 4 cereal bowls with lids....Samantha claimed the bowl! Had her lunch in it...wore it as a hat....beat it like a drum....put a penny in it and shook it like a was everything and went everywhere!!! Finally at bed time I reclaimed it!

We didn't get back home til just after 5:30 and I got to see all Howie's hard work! He made an outdoor toy area for DJ's toys so he doesn't have to keep going in the garage for them...and I have to say, Howie exceeded my looks AWESOME!!!!! Better than I pictured it in my head! He also mowed the lawn...first time this year! He did some other stuff in the garage, but I haven't been in there to check it out...that's HIS space (according to him...)

DJ played outside for just about 8 hours so he was a cranky mess for dinner. Samantha didn't get a nap as I kept waking her up on the ride home, we were 10 mins from home...NOT napworthy! and so she was a bit on the cranky side too! After dinner it was bath time as DJ was a dirty mess!!! Immediately after that was bed time! Where Samantha fell asleep the instant (literally) that I laid her down! She is officially weaned now too!!! Doesn't even ask for it! Tomorrow will be a test tho as nap time will be here at home instead of in a moving vehicle! DJ also fell asleep rather quickly and without much fuss! Whew!!

I've enjoyed a lazy evening watching stuff on DVR as it IS Saturday nite....nothing really to watch! But now, I'm turning in early! For me anyways!

Til next time...ciao!

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