Friday, March 5, 2010

Short and Sweet

Tonite's post is gonna be just that!

I'm exhausted!!!

DJ woke up at 3:30 to crawl into bed with me....and got up for the day at 7:15.

Howie came home from his last graveyard shift just as Sam was getting I got up too.

Took the kids to Albertsons for a "Healthy Eating" tour of the store.

Kids did great...they got bread, fruit, touch a crab and oyster, try some chocolate soy milk (it was alright) and got a sticker

They also got a lunch bag that had a healthy lunch in it...they were both excited to eat it.

After lunch Sam went down for her nap.

DJ went outside to play.

Howie went outside to play with his boat.

The boys went and put gas in the boat.

I grabbed shower while all was calm.

Once the kids were in bed time mode with Howie reading them stories,

I ducked out to go "grocery shopping" but really I went to a pub to watch an up and coming country music artist, Chance McKinney.

He did mostly covers and one original song, but he's got a great voice!! Very funny too!

It was a short and sweet concert as it was for minors as well. He's a science teacher at a local high school in Mukilteo, where we used to live.

I did actually stop at Freddy's on the way home for milk.

Now, I'm home and frozen!!! Gonna go crawl in bed next to my warm husband and let him know I'm home with my cold feet. hee hee hee

Oh and I got chastised today by HELEN, my matron of honour, who I should have mentioned by name, but didn't...I wasn't aware she was a loyal reader until follow people!!! lol love you!

Til next time...ciao!

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