Monday, March 15, 2010

Its gone viral

'Round these here parts!!!

My poor husband spent the whole nite awake running to the bathroom every half hour....needless to say, he didn't go to work today! And instead spent the day in bed running to the bathroom every half hour. By about 8pm he'd calmed down a bit. Even attempted to eat some chicken noodle soup....but that was the first thing he ate since last nite's dinner...which made a reappearance at some point during the nite.

Most men when they're sick are miserable....Howie's not! He doesn't want to be seen or touched or helped in any way! Trust me, I try! Its in my nature to be a nursemaid even tho I could never be a real nurse! And he doesn't want anything but to be left in peace. So we did!

This morning was hair cut day....for both me and DJ! Off we went to Anneke's house to get trussed up! DJ went first and oh he looks SO handsome with his fresh hair cut!!! If I could afford to do that for him every 4 weeks, he'd just be THE cutest!!! But every 8 weeks it is! lol
And then it was my turn! I think we've finally cut ALL the dead perm out! Finally!!!!! I wanna say its about an inch past my the downward upward! I can still tuck it behind my ears, but it'll be a while before I can pony tail it again...which is wonderful!! I'd started getting ponytail headaches! Plus, now that all the perm is cut off, it should start feeling and looking healthy again!

I even got my eyebrows waxed in preparation for my parents arrival!!! Nah, I just needed them done and Anneke is the best!!! I'm gonna try and get them done every time DJ does...I can do maintenance for the in between weeks! Sometimes its the little things that keep a mom happy!!

When we got back DJ wanted to play outside, but we did lunch first....then after Howie got up and came out to the living room, I sent him out to helped that Kristopher knocked on the door as he was getting his shoes on! He's rediscovered his crocs and wears them ALL the time now!! They're easy for him to do and he doesn't have to fight with the velcro...cheater! lol

While he was out, I put Sam down for her nap! The poor girl was pooping obviously she and Howie have the same ailment...and they can keep it! I don't want it! Neither does DJ!!! 2 sick in a family of 4 is plenty!

The loss of the hour yesterday had me all out of sorts, so I grabbed a nap and slept for 2 hours! I needed it!!! This past weekend was non-stop, so it was nice to stop! When I woke up shortly after 4 I was quite confuzzled....didn't know what day it was or why I was on the couch...even wondered what happened to my hair!! It was comical!

About 4:30 Howie requested (for the second time) I left him with Sam while DJ was still outside playing and went to town for him. Aren't I a good wife!??!? :) I also took advantage of this alone time and purchased some wrapping paper for the birthday people this coming weekend! Before I left I popped in on Lara and found out she's also suffering from the same ailment and that's why all her kids were outside...staying healthy!

DJ stayed out til 6:30 when I called him in for dinner....which was super light tonite in light of the tummy troubles...Howie had the aforementioned soup and the kids and I had cereal and toast....they didn't seem to mind one bit!

Bath time was a chore today....DJ was FILTHY!!!!! Oh what a mess! The water was gray when he was done! lol This is just a taste of what is to come in the summer I'm sure! He had fun tho! And it sure made bed time a bit easier...he only came out of his room once....he was after a few chugs of water from a sippy cup he stayed put. Even Samantha didn't put up much of a fight...that's her new thing now....throwing a hissy fit as soon as she's put in her crib...and then 10 mins later she's silent!

Howie went to bed shortly after they did, and I haven't heard from him, so I'm hoping he's done with his trips to the bathroom! I sat and knit for a good 2+ hours on another sweater...this is number 3 in case anyone's keeping track. The very first one was given as a gift for Miss Izzy as they were HER colours!!! I hope to get a picture of her wearing it soon! (hint hint Wyndi!)

Til next time...ciao!

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