Friday, March 12, 2010

Diary of a Mad Cleaning Woman

8:45 wake up blissfully Howie...just me and the furry ones!

8:46 check email and facebook

9:00 get up and wash face

9:15 make breakfast for me and Howie

10:00 kiss hubby good bye

10:01 sit down and play on facebook

10:30 realize I really should get the cleaning started as I AM having people over for a Pampered Chef party.

11:00 realize that I'm cleaning the JUNK DRAWER instead of something substantial like the bathroom! Who's gonna look in my junk drawer?!?!?!! Honestly!?!?!

11:45 finish the junk drawer and bathe the kids

12:36 get lunch going

1:17 sit down and facebook, cuz that's more important! *eye roll*

1:48 realize Samantha needs her nap as the screaming intensifies!!

2:05 want desperately to lay on the couch and nap, but must persevere in cleaning.

2:06 tackle the bathroom, clean all the kiss prints off the mirror, wipe down the counter and toilet

2:15 get the laundry going

2:20 get the dishwasher going

2:22 clean the counters up, and by that I mean get rid of the junk from the junk drawer that really is junk and I put it on the counter as I was cleaning it...

2:30 clean slider windows, kitchen windows, living room windows, glass shelves,

3:00 send DJ outside to play as all he's doing is making a mess in my wake...fingerprints and toys....

4:00 get Sam up from her nap

4:05 vacuum with SamSam's help...goes SO much quicker that way (note the hint of sarcasm)

4:48 pop out to get the mail and bring DJ in the house

5:00 realize I've got one hour before the consultant arrives, quickly do hair and change clothes

5:26 put DJ's pizza in the oven for dinner

5:45 put dinner on the table

6:05 let Michelle (consultant) and help the kids eat their dinner that they're no longer interested people do that to them!

6:43 let my guests in

7:20 let more guests in

7:25 let last guest in

8:00 eat some pizza!!!! and sit back and enjoy the company!!!!


I had a great time visiting today...and DJ had fun playing....Sam must have fun screaming, she does it a lot....and Howie made it home in time to visit with our friends from Lynnwood that came out.

All in all...a good day!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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