Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Samantha

What a joy you've been for the last 24 months! And even prior to that, while in the womb!!! Since the day I took that test and waited ever so patiently while freaking out, you've had a special place in my heart!!

My natural miracle from God!! No other way to describe your presence in our lives! Truly a miracle!!

The day you were born...I could not have asked for a better birthday for you! It was all planned and it went off without a hitch!! We arrived at the hospital on time...6 am! DJ was still sleeping in his crib (now yours) at home with Grandma. They got me settled in the room (we couldn't get the same corner room we had with DJ) and started the IV fluids. A half hour later, the nurse realized I wasn't getting the fluid and had to readjust the needle in my vein. By 8:15 we were ready to rock and roll! So they rolled me down to the OR where I met the anesthesiologist, who was FABULOUS and talked me thru the whole procedure of getting a spinal....wayyyyyyyyy different than getting the epidural...and much quicker acting!

At 8:43 you were born! Dr Bray pulled you out and lifted you above the curtain to show me...oh you were beautiful even then!!! And then your first cry happened (mine too!) and all was right with the world!! They cleaned you up and did the APGAR tests and wheeled over the scale for us to watch...10 pounds 8 ounces!! Once they bundled you up they passed you to Daddy who willingly held you in his arms while I admired you and kissed your face!! They were still working on me and also repairing a hernia. Once done they wheeled me back to our room and Daddy carried you....and you ate right away! like a champ!!!!

About 11 or so Grandma brought DJ to meet you...he was quite scared of me being in the bed...and of you!! Later that day after school Jake came to meet you too! That's the beauty of a planned birth...scheduling visitors!!! About 4 Grandpa came to meet you...and then Darrell and Cynthia came about 6 just as Daddy was bringing dinner to the room...and then your Aunt and Uncle Gott came with Jessica and Erica to see you!

By 8 pm, we were both visited out!! Daddy took DJ home and put him to bed and Grandma hung out with us til about 10 or so and then headed home. You and I spent our first nite together trying to figure it all out! You didn't let me get much sleep!! And finally crashed in the bed with me!!

Now, you're sleeping in your room being all 2 and everything! I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!!! Beyond anything I could have hoped for weather wise!!! It got in the 70's!!! Not too shabby for the first day of Spring!!!

Remember how I told you the cake I made for Sam "fell" in the middle...well, my mom had the brilliant idea to hollow out the center and make it look like a bundt cake without the bundt! This was the perfect solution!!!!!!! So off I trudge to the kitchen to take care of business....I pulled the center out and it was still batter!!! Not even cooked!!!! URGH!!!!! SO frustrating!!! So I pitched it at the advice of my mother and off we went to Albertsons to get a cake!!!

Once home it was lunch time and thankfully Howie had already started with making hot dogs for Jake and he added a few more and we all ate together! Once lunch was done I wrapped Aliya's gift and off we headed to HER birthday party! Her actual birthday was yesterday, but Friday afternoons are tough to plan a party they made it for today! They set up a preschool carnival!! Complete with pony rides!!! Sam was all for it, while holding my hand! but DJ wanted nothing to do with that pony!! I couldn't even bribe him!!

We only stayed a half hour as Samantha NEEDS a nap in order to function for the rest of the day!!! While she napped we were all busy tidying up and setting things up for our own family party! She didn't nap well...and was up by 3:30! Rascal!

People started showing up about 4 and by 4:30 everyone was here! We decided to gifts first to help bring her out of her shell...she was a little overwhelmed with all the people talking to her. It worked like charm!!! Even better, sad to say, was that DJ was busy outside playing and wasn't trying to "help" her open the gifts...or have that ugly green jealousy monster rear up!

After presents we got dinner cooking....burgers and dogs! with some sweet potato fries and Caesar salad....easy breezy!!! And there are no left overs with a meal like that! Just lots of clean up...but with 4 adult women, it went REALLY quickly!!!! Even the dishwasher got loaded!!

After the singing and cake eating it wasn't too much longer before everyone headed home...and then it was bed time for our tired children!! Once they were in bed we watched The Hangover with mom and dad...they hadn't seen it....gotta say, the 2nd time wasn't as funny...but the tiger in the car had me in tears!!

Now, after rocking the Princess for 40 minutes after she woke up, its time for me to go to bed!!! Next up....birthday boy tomorrow....Howie's birthday!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. 10-8!!!! Holy cow missy, good thing you had a C/S. Your story was beautiful and made my day. Happy Birthday Sam (and Howie too)

  2. That was soooo sweet. Made me tear up. Your love for your children is so deep and beautiful.


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