Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Really really????

I've had several "really?" moments today!

The first being from a friend request on Facebook from a gal that I went to junior high school with waybackwhen!! As a matter of fact, I can NOT believe it's been 25 year since I was in junior high...that's just wrong!! Especially considering I'm only 29!!! :D (hush mother!)

Anyways, this gal, Jodi, gave me a bookmark in the 8th grade as part of a going away gift as we were moving to Hawaii at the time...1986 to be exact....and I still have that bookmark! It's a Garfield one that says "Whodonit" on the front. And today, she found me on Facebook!

So we hit up each other's blogs and got caught up somewhat on the last couple years of our lives! How wild is that?!?!!? I'm just blown away!

After all that excitement of the morning the rest of the day was boring in comparison!!! I started the cleaning for a) my Pampered Chef party on Friday and b) my mom's arrival next week! I got the kitchen floors done, the bathroom floors done and Howie got Jake's room all put together...there are no more boxes in his room...there are things on the walls...curtains in the window....shelves on the wall with all his knicknacks that I'm sure he could care less about now that he's just looks GOOD in there now!

While we were in there admiring Howie's work and hanging a picture, Sam came downstairs whimpering...kinda like the fake cry, but not as loud...she had some drool on her chin so I used her shirt to wipe her up. I came upstairs to get the kids ready for bed and that's when I noticed it....she'd puked in the hallway. Tonite's dinner: sketty! We now have a tomato coloured stain in the hall.

Howie wanted to deal with her instead of the pukey mess, so I got the spatula out and some paper towel and the shaving cream (it doesn't work on tomato stains, drats!) and got to work cleaning up. While I was doing that, Howie got the kids in their pajamas....with a bit of fight from both of them!

Sam didn't want to nurse, but rather play when Howie was done with reading to DJ, she gave him kisses and raced me down the hall to her room. She fought going to bed and didn't want to lay down. So, I kissed her, turned out the light and left. She has a habit of sitting in her crib with her legs dangling holding on to the bars....which I'm assuming she was doing when she puked the second time!!

Her screaming intensified to horror which made me go check on her....and discover the mess. Even she was saying "mess, mess!" Howie grabbed her, and I grabbed the spatula again. Got it cleaned up, stripped the bed (no stuffed animals were harmed in the puking of this episode!) and re-made it with clean everything. She meanwhile was sitting with Daddy naked as she didn't want HIM to put her pj's on. Once I got the smell off my hands I dressed her and sat with her.

Howie decided to go to bed, and as he was getting ready she puked ALL OVER ME!!! Did I mention what we had for dinner!?!?!? I couldn't grab the bowl fast enough and in fact, ended up knocking it off the table onto the she puked in my hand for the most part as well as all over my pants and shirt...and her 2nd set of pj's!

Stripped her down again, and Howie dealt with the mess this time while I went and got completely changed and washed up. Grabbed her last pair of pj's and came back to dress her. Howie went back to the bedroom to go to bed...shutting the door! lol

All was calm and quiet with her, and she asked to I let her....bad idea!! She sat up, and puked all over me again!!! At least time there was no more sketti was mostly bile...which in itself is pretty vile smelling!! And slimy! OY!

Get her stripped down and cleaned up....and go get another shirt for me....and some pj's that are more summerish in nature, but its all we have right now! Get her dressed back up and we sit. And we wait. And we rock in the chair. She asked to nurse and I said no. She snuggled up in the crook of my neck and promptly fell asleep!


Put her in bed and haven't heard a peep since!

I still smell puke! BLECH!

We actually talked about how the past few times she's thrown up its been sketti nite...this is not good! And its her FAVOURITE meal! *sigh*

Now, I'm going to go knit for a bit and try to get the memories of puking out of my consciousness! Oh and sniff some coffee to rid it of my nose too!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Hope you were able to lose the smell and memories! I am horrible when a kid pukes... first reation throw my hands out to catch it-- then holler for dennis to come and bring ME a pail! lol
    I hope SamSam is feeling better today! I was doing some reading last night on your blog and I love that you post so often. i used to but then my kids all got lives that require me to not have one... soon maybe but you have inspired me!


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