Monday, March 22, 2010

Double Whammy

Today was my husband's birthday!!! Since yesterday was full of celebration today felt/was very low key! Which was more than fine with us! We had a wonderful breakfast feast!! The birthday boy got what he wanted....homemade egg mcmuffins made by yours truly!

Once we were settled, we talked about what to do with the day and decided to go to Country Village in Bothell...where the kids and I went for that party a couple weeks ago. We wandered around the whole place stopping in shops that interested us....passing by most of them....and scoffing at the prices they were asking!! Some of it was insane! 2400.00 for a piece of green glass that looked like a was a foot long and maybe 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep....seriously?? Or am I out of touch with modern art??

In any case, we took the kids on a train ride, of which Samantha was TERRIFIED of being on it and clung to Howie's leg and held my hand with her other was kinda funny! But at least she didn't cry! She was grateful to get off and thanked the conductor even. It was cute!

We came home and had a light lunch of cheese, salami and chips and fuss, no muss! Our plan was to go out for dinner to Red Robin (Yummm) and celebrate Howie not cooking for a change! :)

Nap was VERY late for SamSam and as a result got up at 4:30 with some prodding...she sure wasn't ready TO get up!! And let us know for about an hour after she got up! Since none of us were hungry at the normal dinner time, mom had a snack to tide her over and we lazed around.

About 7 we took off for the restaurant...and had a fabulous meal!! I love getting seated right as soon as you walk in! We let our waitress know we had to birthday celebrants and she took their names! While we were eating there were two other tables with birthday peeps!!

Dinner was scrumptious!!!! Howie cooks a mean burger, I will say that, but these were TASTY!!!! I had the Chophouse, which is new on their menu....and it has sauteed mushrooms, onions and some kind of white cheese, and some kind of horseradish sauce that was just mouthwatering!!! Definitely picked good!!! Mom and Dad had the same thing!!! Howie got fish and chips...his was free! The dessert was a small scoop of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles...the kids liked that!! We all did actually!

DJ fell asleep while waiting for me to do the shopping with my dad at Safeway on the way home...made it easier to put him to bed...even tho he pitched a hissy for not getting to wear the pajamas HE wanted to...he got over it! Once the kids were in bed we adults played cards....which I soundly beat them all!!!! *insert evil laugh* :D

Now, everyone's in bed and I'm about to follow suit!! This is day two of no knitting!!!!!

OHHHHHH and the most horrible news of crackberry took a crap today!!! It was in my lap in the truck and fell to the all of 18 inches, and the trackball fell out....and into 9 pieces!! Absolutely insane!!!! I've tried 10 different times to put the puzzle back together...and I get it all set to go in the phone and it won't "click" it's useless!! Absolutely useless!!! I'm a mess now...imagine how I'll be tomorrow!! I can't get/send texts...can't read my emails when I get them...can't go bites!!!! Not just that...Howie talked to his dad and I can take his APRIL!!!!! And the end of April at that!!! We're going to hit up a Verizon tomorrow and see who their customer service is... I guess I know how Jake feels now....dangit! I hate eating crow!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I recieved the journal several days ago, but I've been scheduling posts several days in advance for my blog. things are a bit... disheveled in my life just now. thanks so much for the giveaway and I LOVE the journal. Can't decide if I'mfilling in the blanks for my daughter or having my mom fill 'em in for me! =)
    --Jennifer @ Becoming Briggs


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