Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

YES!!! It's Friday!!!!!! Can you just smell the weekend now?!?!?! *sniff*

With it comes Fun Fact Friday!! I start thinking about what the fun fact will be on Wednesdays....and sometimes it comes right to me....and other times I struggle to pick one fact that might interest you and get you (HELEN) to respond....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! lol

My favourite ice cream....who doesn't like ice cream!??!? Seriously?? I've never heard of anyone not liking ice cream...have you? fave is Pralines & Cream. I just LOVE those brown sugar bits and pecans mixed up in the ice cream....and Baskin Robins has THE best Pralines & Cream ever!!!! But I'm not an ice cream snob....truthfully! lol

What's your fave??

Til next time...ciao!


  1. boring: strawberry, but especially the strawberry I make myself with fresh berries & riccccchhhhhhhhhhhh cream.. MMMMMMMM Thanks, Missy, now I cant wait till warm weather.

  2. Fudgy Turtle... mmmmmmmmmmm in a waffle cone... mmmmmmmmmm (or a Midnight truffle blizzard with cherries and chocolate ice cream...) OK now I have gained 10lbs! ☺


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