Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Justin the Nickoftime

Whew!! I made it today!!! I got the post office with 9 minutes to spare before they closed...even better....I made it IN the holding room before they closed AND locked the door! Mom, your cell phone is on its way!!! The really, truly, unbelievable only cost me $2.53 to send it!!!! Of course I could have paid 21 something to have it there in 2/3 days....but I'm not made of money! I had to fill out a customs form....what do you put as the value for a used cell phone!??!! *shrugs* You'll laugh when you see the amount!!

Today, being car seat less once again, we stuck around the house and DJ drove me bonkers!!! He was in FINE form when Howie got home and I escaped to the post office. He was in time out in his room for back talking to me for ohhh about a half hour. The back talking isn't new...but the frequency is is the volume. And today was NOT the day to start that up. I was in miserable pain and just feeling out of sorts all day.

Y'know....I think it should be a practice to allow women to decide if they no longer want their uterus after having kids. Seriously! I'm quite done with mine...and frankly, would be perfectly happy to never have another period EVER again!!! I'm done!! The tubes are tied, so I'm quite definite in my decision to have no more why can't I just have it removed?? URGH!!!! No, instead I get to go thru another 10 years (possibly 15) of this crap before menopause kicks in!

Ok, back on track....I got the package mailed (and my Avon returns done!) and totally forgot to pick up more night light bulbs...but I got smart, and turned off the one in the bathroom so it could cool and put it in DJ's room! Pretty smart eh? He thought so too!!

Samantha asked to nurse this afternoon, but since its been well over a week since she last did, I tried explaining to her that she couldn't...she didn't like my explanations! She did end up just cuddling me and then laying down right away. Bed time tho, is another story! I'm not sure where she got this from, but since putting a night light in her room, she's afraid of it! She comes in, stands by the wall of the door and points at the ceiling and says her version of "scary" I show her what shadows are all about and she thinks its fun to see her shadow on the wall, but then turns around and says her version of "monsters"....honestly, where does she get this stuff from?? Tonite we asked her if she wanted it off, she said "yah" and then when I turned if off, she started freaking out...OY! 2 and we're already starting this! Eventually she just laid down and went right to sleep.

Tonite was AI, so I purposely skipped tucking DJ in....he woke up 4 hours later to come out and tell me "You missed my door Mum!" I played it like he'd just gone to bed and tucked him in...he was so tired he could barely do his prayers....but did let me tuck him in properly. He can be so cute sometimes!

As for AI....I see Andrew, Tim and Didi in the bottom 3...with Tim finally going home! He was TERRIBLE tonite!!!! And I'll go on record right now saying that Didi is MY favourite!!!! Just love her voice and she's quite striking! Siobhan is NOT one of my faves, but neither was Adam...nor is Crystal one of my faves...those two are Howie's! In fact, he fell asleep on the couch til Crystal came on...good thing too, his snoring was driving me nuts!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I don't like Didi at all, I find her voice thready and weak & shes too wishy washy. I don't like Siobhan either, she screams too much. I think Crystal is amazing, so calm, and composed. I liked Lee last night, and Casey not so much, but hes so cute lol. Michael is always good, but I think hes one-dimensional. time will tell. Have I mentioned I miss watching AI with you????


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