Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today was a rather

Low key day...which fit in perfectly!!!

This morning, Howie and I had a meeting in Seattle...so mom and dad stayed back with the kids. DJ threw a hissy fit as I was leaving, but within minutes of me leaving was perfectly fine! My dad took him for a walk to the park, and up our street to check things out...just what he needed too as I could see immediately upon returning they had found their bond again!

Since we knew the kids were in such good, capable hands....we took our sweet time coming home!!! Stopped off for Howie to spend his birthday money...and me to get a trackball transplant...or an upgrade!

Now, last year when I had trackball rim issues, I took it to Verizon and they told me it would be 50.00 for them to fix it...to which I very quickly said NO! I found a rim on eBay for all of 2.00 including shipping! And it worked like a charm too! Til yesterday's accident that is. I wasn't sure what to expect today...but didn't feel good about it at all!

We went to Best Buy first...they had diddly in the way of repairs....and I wasn't eligible til April 9th for an upgrade with them...grrrrrrr He told us to head across the street as Verizon may be more lenient.

Off we went! Thankfully it wasn't busy, then again, it was a Monday morning....so that was in our favour I think. They call my name and I go up to the counter with a pouty face and say "I need a ball transplant please" She had NO clue what I meant, so I showed her my phone and she caught on quick. Walked 8 feet to another counter and popped a new one in...NO CHARGE!!!!! How awesome is that!??!!? She the informed me that if I upgraded in April, I'd lose out on the 100.00 discount....so guess who's waiting til Sept!!??!?! You guessed it! Moi!

Once done with our errands we went out for lunch at Claim Jumper at the mall in Lynnwood. We like the diversity of food choices there...and have not had a bad meal there ever! Howie got the French Dip and I got the Chicken Pot Pie...altho, it should have been named Chicken HOT Pie...oh it was so freakin hot!!! And sadly, it took me 10 minutes of blowing on each bite before I was smart enough to dump it all out on my plate! D'oh! Mine also came with a fruit salad, but the pot pie was so gigantic, ther was no way I had room! I even had a dessert picked out that I did NOT want! DJ enjoyed the fruit I brought home....and I actually remembered to bring home!

We got home just after 3 and took up lazy residence!!! DJ went out to play shortly after we got home and Sam was just getting up from her nap....it was nice!

Dinner was Dad's favourite...Teriyaki! He says he could eat it every nite for dinner....silly crazy old coot!! I'd get bored with it fast! lol Sketti is where it's at!

Tonite I finally had the opportunity to bathe the kids....DJ needed it with playing outside for a couple hours. Once the kids were tucked in bed we watched Dancing With The Stars (DWTS from here on out) and enjoyed the first dances of everyone. Even tho there's no elimination this week...I'm still calling Buzz Aldrin as the first victim! Sorry Buzz....but somebody's gotta be first!

After that we played cards again...at which point Howie stomped all over all of us...but if you ask me....he was cheating...he WAS the score keeper...and as my Grandma always said, "You can never beat the score keeper!" (love you honey!)

Now, I'm heading to bed...nice and early!! Got lots planned for tomorrow!

Til next time...ciao!

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