Sunday, March 14, 2010

People Watching

I'm so glad I can put this day to bed....literally!!! Its been a super long one!! So much so, I'm kinda rummy and spinning...but that could be because I just took my hair down and the blood is coming back....

Today was an Avon delivery day...and a birthday party day....and GNO (Girls Night Out) on top of it all!

So, DJ came with me for the deliveries...and it's a good thing he's so cute...he hardly spoke to ANYONE!!!! So incredibly shy...not sure where gets this from....both Howie and I are who knows!! If he hated stupid people, I'd know where he got that from...but shyness....hmmmm

We got all our deliveries done by 2 and headed to Toys R Us to get Miss Samantha her birthday gifts...which thankfully DJ has forgotten about already or he would've wanted her to have it now!! Then we headed to Shoreline for Miss Izzy's birthday party! She turned 4 on the 7th, but they were in Chicago for a family wedding, so the party was today. DJ had FUN!! For how shy he was all day, he did fabulous being around all new kids...the only one he knew there was Izzy!

She's a big fan of The Three Musketeers (Barbie style) so everyone made masks...DJ put a guitar sticker on his and called it done! It was so funny!! After a while tho he added more musical things...all the other stuff was girly!

Once the presents were opened we skedaddled as I did still have one more Avon delivery and one Pampered Chef delivery (from my neighbour's party) and then home! Neither of us were hungry as we'd snacked well at the party, so Howie fed Samantha and had dinner himself. Since GNO was at a bar/grill I waited to eat.

Just as I was eating my delicious Soy Ginger Chicken Wrap I got a text from Howie that Sam was throwing up again...she did it twice and went to sleep. Still no fever...but clearly she's fighting something! He told me he had it all under control and to stop texting him and enjoy myself!!

Oh, I did!! The people watching in a small town is just phenomenal! There were 3 woman (dressed as a cat! I kid you not!) who was celebrating 50....a young man turning 21 (not gracefully either!!) and some other dude that the age wasn't mentioned. The reason we picked this place is a) it was in the middle between Lynnwood and here and b) Howie knew the band playing. The lead singer is a gal who works at the club. It was fun....all 80's music but without the hair! Or the spandex!!! Or the stirrup pants!!!! Ok, I'll stop now!

Now, it's time to crawl into bed!! Hope you didn't forget to Spring ahead for daylight savings! Does that mean the kids will look like they're getting up at 8:30 instead of 7:30?? hmmm

Til next time...ciao!

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