Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seven years ago

I married the man I love!!!

SEVEN years!!!! This is the most I've ever been married...but not the least! Not by far!!! We have SO much fun together, this is for life!! Go ahead, puke if you want to...but damn, it's good to have the real thing!

Seven years ago we were waking up in Las Vegas...our wedding was at 5 pm so that viewers on the east coast could watch it at home...that's right...we were in on the then cutting edge technology and had our wedding broadcast online!!! That way if they couldn't make it to Vegas, they could at least still be a part of our special day! It worked wonderfully too!! So much so that when I was pregnant with DJ, my cousin asked if I was going to broadcast his birth online...ha! no!

Back to my wedding day....We had a leisurely breakfast, and then me and my Matron of Honour went and got our hair done...I was STUNNED when my hair do cost more than my dress!!! Floored! It did look good tho! So did she! She wore red...I let her pick whatever colour she wanted as she was my only attendant! Worked perfectly!

After we were married, we went back to our hotel so I could change, and then dined in our hotel's dining room which was AMAZING!! My first time ever having Creme Brulee and I loved it!!

Today...Seven years later....I woke up with DJ in my bed....and Howie still at work. He came home about 8:20 and crawled into bed at 8:45...and slept all day! LOL

We were gone to story time (again!) and then off to a birthday party for a boy in the Mommy & Me a place in Bothell called Country Village...if it's nice when my parents are here, I want to take them there...its quite quaint! Plus, I didn't get to explore it by any means! We were in the park area where they have mini golf and train rides...which weren't operating today...and a playground and picnic tables. Who knew you could have a picnic in MARCH!! The weather wasn't great...but it wasn't bad either!!

The kids enjoyed themselves! Samantha almost fell asleep on me in the truck, which in hindsight, I should've just let her do it...she got NO nap today! I did stop on the way home to get one more skein of the yarn I'm using on the sweater....I need it for the sleeves...which I got started on the first one tonite...this thing is just knitting up FAST!!!!

Dinner was wonderful!!! We had no plans for going out tonite, as Howie has to work, and our sitter was otherwise we bbq'd some steaks, and I baked some yams, and steamed some asparagus. DELISH!! We'll be going out Sat nite for our dinner date!

The kids were SO exhausted they were both sound asleep by 8:09! Sam even fell asleep nursing which she hasn't done for a year now!! Poor thing! She also just woke up a half hour ago with a bad dream I think...she just sat up, said "nose", I asked if she wanted a tissue, she said "yeah" and I wiped her nose, she laid back down and went right back to sleep. Love when it's that easy!

Now, I'm going to go back to knitting...I want half this sleeve done...I'm predicting I'll have the sweater done by Sunday nite...might be pushing it...but it's a goal!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I was there (on my laptop) at your wedding, and I just cant believe its 7 yrs already!! Congrats to the best village couple yet. And creme Brule, YUM!!!


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