Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something I thought I'd never say

Walmart (where else!?!?) failed me today!!!!!! I know, right?!?!!? How on EARTH could Walmart (where else?!?!) slip on my list of fave stores!?!?!?! price shopping we discovered that costco was cheaper on the new frying pans and blender my parents got for me!

My dad has NOT liked the frying pans I have, and said he'd be getting me a new one...he got me 3! A Tramontina set that has 3 sizes in it. And since I no longer have a Magic Bullet thanks to Howie's using it as a coffee grinder while I was away...he wanted to get me a new one...but I preferred the Oster blender...and it was cheaper! About 20.00 cheaper than Walmart (where else?!?!) even!!! I also discovered that costco is cheaper when I go to get myself a steam mop...maybe I'll put that on my birthday wish list! lol Sad eh?

Today was all about shopping for my parents as they leave us tomorrow! So soon! This week went by WAY to fast!!! We started at costco and wandered the aisles looking at whatever mom or dad wanted to look was actually nice to get to see stuff I haven't before!!

After costco we headed to Wendy's for lunch as my dad has had a bug up his butt about wanting to try their new spicy chicken nuggets...which were nothing too extraordinary!! They had a bit of a kick/after bite to them....but nothing like what spicy is in my books! In any case, we could cross it off Dad's list!

Once our tummies were full, sorta, we got back in the truck and headed to Lynnwood....I had a sneaky plan I told my mom about. Remember those pix I had done of the kids on the first of January? They gave me this coupon that was $25.00 "fun cash" which was good for any purchase over and above 25.00...which if you've been to Picture People, you know how easy that is to spend! So we did the pictures, which turned out GREAT!!, and then got the free 8x10 and then I got two 5x7 sheets....that way both mom and I could have the same ones! The 8x10 one I picked the 3 generation shot of us girls....for Sam to have up on her wall. The other two poses were the one of me and mom giving SamSam kisses on her cheek (she looks nonplussed) and then one of mom, dad, and my two kids...I just love it!!! This is a memory for a lifetime!

Once we got done there we went to a health store for my dad to get gel caps for making his own vitamins...he likes taking raw cayenne pepper pills...and makes them well as a few other things too. So he was VERY happy to have gotten them so much cheaper than back home.

Then we hit up Walmart (where else!??!) so dad could get a new watch band for his watch...and I was able to grab the few things I won't buy anywhere else as they really are the cheapest!

Once we got done there we climbed back in the truck where both kids and my dad fell asleep! So mom and I chatted all the way home...well not home yet....we still had one more stop to make for Howie...he requested some 2x4's and knew my dad would know how to pick them out.

Finally we got home about 5 and relaxed a bit before getting dinner going! We actually ate in tonite! Burgers and dogs with sweet potato fries and a yummy salad! Wonderful dinner!!!

The kids went down relatively easy considering they napped (Sam a short one in comparison to normal, and DJ an hour when he normally wouldn't!) and we watched tv....the results of AI didn't surprise me...Fiona was right! I forgot that I missed Paige's performance last nite as I was brushing kid teeth at that point...seems I didn't miss much! LOL

Now, I'm going to bed early as we've got an early rise tomorrow!

Til next time...ciao!

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