Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

This morning I woke up with DJ once again...Howie was off fishing before church. While the kids were off watching tv (or so I thought) I got up and got dressed. Turns out they were downstairs admiring the box that DJ's basketball hoop. Y'know, in case it grew legs and moved...

As I was making the requested egg mcmuffins, Howie came home. So he got changed while I finished up. Then got everyone dressed and ready to go! Attendance was a little on the low side but it was still good. I'd say DJ was of moderate behaviour...and after, he was very animated talking to the lady behind us about what he got for Christmas. That was cute!!! We headed home for lunch and it was a quiet ride (to church too actually) as they had requested Toy Story 3 for the truck. SO quiet as they were mesmerized!! I was able to call the store and inform them of their 400.00 mistake...they got back to me while we were in church, and found no record...this will be fun tomorrow by phone. Oy!

This afternoon, I had the extreme pleasure of taking an afternoon nap!! Such a luxury really!!! Then I got up for a shower as I was heading to Seattle to a dive bar to listen to Blaine Larsen...a country artist from WA who's made it to the big time...this was more of a jam session than a concert. And truthfully, it reminded me of my early twenties, listening to bands do covers of all songs. I met my g/f Denise and another friend of hers, Cindy, at a park n ride and off we went for the Little Red Hen. Boy, was it a small venue!!! We got the last table available as half the tables there were reserved for Blaine's family. It took a good 20 minutes for the ONE waitress in the place to make her way to our table...we ordered everything we wanted since it took so long to get her in the first place...HA!! What a joke!! My dinner took 45 mins and Denise's two apps took another half hour after that!! Stupid!!!

In the meantime, we were entertained by the band. Lots of old school country songs...some older than me even!! During the first break I went up and met him and got a pic with him. I'd forgotten my camera, but thankfully Cindy had one. So I'll have to wait for her to email me my pic! It was during the second half that the people watching got VERY interesting!! This one chick was so pissed about something that while ON the dance floor, she ripped her bra pads out of her bra and flung them anywhere. I was in tears with laughter!! Insane!! Her friends got her drinking water from that point on!! Thankfully, I was only asked to dance once, the rest I didn't make eye contact with. I can't two step, but I'd sure love to learn!!!

Shortly after 11 we hit the road. I mean, we had heard him play for 3 hours!! Longer than any concert!! That and Denise has to work tomorrow...and since she drove, she was the boss :) I have to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for heated seats!!! Dang was it chilly tonite. We're in for a cold snap this week...brrrrr! On the way home I stopped at the shed to shop. Kind of an odd time to do it, but I needed lunch stuff for Howie. Which I got! Then came home and put his lunch together. Now, I'm off to bed!!

Til next time...God bless!

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