Friday, December 10, 2010

I've come full circle

This morning went smoothly....til I had the brilliant idea to let the kids bathe together...WHY do I allow myself this torture!?!? First of all they LOVE to splash each other!!! (I'd do well to remember this when I need to clean the bathroom) And they feed off each other!! Plus, they're starting to run out of room for both of them to be in there. DJ's just getting too big!! he can touch one end with his feet and the other with his head! Dang him for growing!

After lunch I got busy making some more caramel corn...this time, much to Howie's delight, the majority of it was for him! I think I only have one more batch to make for Christmas goodies and then move on to other more perishable goodies! YUM!! It was then I got a message from one of my nieces requesting my address as she has a Christmas card for us...with pictures!!! This struck me as funny and sad at the same time...funny because, I just mailed off Christmas cards to my Aunts...with pictures!!! And sad because I'm now the Aunt they're sending pix to and I'm far too young for this business!!! Did you know I have 2 great nieces and 2 great nephews!! FAR TOO YOUNG for this!!!

Just as I laid on the couch after putting the caramel corn to cool on the table, the front door opened and Howie came in! Was not expecting that! Nice surprise! Samantha was SO happy to see him! I love watching her love all over him! Its such a genuine love! So he took my spot on the couch and I put the caramel corn away. Then went and grabbed a shower before heading out to my Avon meeting.

The Avon meeting I went to tonite was the first one for me in my new district! And I was I got to meet my new DSM and have a few moments with her alone. That was cool!! She handed me a gift bag with some stuff in it....always love the freebies!! Since the first part of the evening was for leadership, there were two other ladies who joined us and we chatted a bit. Being the new person I answered a lot of questions...which is fine! I'm an Evanoff....I can talk! :)  Then some recognition was done and we were handed money (play) to use in the auction...I ended up walking away with a tonne of stuff! Again...LOVE the free stuff! Once we were done, more reps started trickling in...two of my girls came, so that was fun! They each got a gift bag of goodies too!

After the meeting the 3 of us headed to Ben's to do some walking around! I went in there to get these wriggly snake things the kids have been begging for...come to find out, its a cheap magic trick...and neither of my kids would "get it" so I put the kibosh on that idea! So, I started walking around...and got 4 skeins of beautiful purple yarn to make Sam a sweater with...and then found some stocking stuff for them...and then found the ultimate gift for DJ! Oh he's gonna love it!!  You'll have to wait to hear about it tho! :D

I got home and Howie was still up, so I showed him my loot and put it away. He got his fishing clothes ready and headed to bed. I got comfy in his chair and knit the rest of the nite away! Got Sam's scarf I just need to do a hat for and she's set! Made it a little wider and longer than last year's model...which is still used regularly...more as a dog leash (?!) than as a scarf...granted, its been in the 50's here lately! LOVE that!

Til next time...God bless!

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