Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not just once, but

Every time I get the Avon delivery its like Christmas!! I just love it!! Checking out everything everyone ordered. Checking out my own stuff! I just love it!! Oops, did I say that already?? Haha

So this morning when we heard the UPS truck (for the last time, YES!) pull up we all went crazy! DJ ran to open the door, Samantha soon followed, Snickers was barking her head off and I'm trying to calm everyone down! Sheesh! The driver was being extra cautious of his words "its the dog the 'never bites' that bites" Meanwhile, Snickers would lick someone to death before she'd bite! Once the dust settled I got down to the business if sorting! I had plans to meet up with a client at Ben's...such a tragedy to go there! She was waiting for me, so I unloaded her stuff and took the kids inside for a skein of yarn. And walked out with a couple other things...tsk tsk! lol

We also dropped off books at Goodwill and drove thru the bank. Then stopped by the salon I deal reopened 2 weeks ago and was busy when I got there! I'm so glad they're open again!! Got a nice order too while I was there! Then we made another delivery on the way home and dropped off a book to another. We got home and K was waiting outside for DJ who was more than happy to play!! SamSam said she wanted to go inside, we she and I did just that. While she settled herself with the tv, I got busy with the dishes and making sketti sauce for dinner.

Howie came home in a world of hurt and took a cat nap on the couch. I got busy with Christmas cards only to discover that I was given the wrong stamps!!! SO frustrating!! I asked for American stamps, which are .44 a piece and I git .98's...guess I'm adding a stop to tomorrow's list. Argh!

After dinner I bathed the red faced monsters!! Then wrangled them into bed! While I was doing prayers with DJ, Howie put himself to bed...seems his cold returned with a bit of a vengeance. Poor guy!
Once everyone was quiet I sat down an thoroughly enjoyed watching Glee!! Their Christmas show was FAB!!! After that I got busy making a batch of caramel corn...but shhhh, don't tell Howie as it wasn't for him. He hates when I do that!!

Now that the dryer's done, I need to switch over the clothes so I have pants for tomorrow!

Til next time...God bless!

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