Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yep, I live in the sticks!!!

This morning DJ came in to sleep with me at 7:45 (NICE!) and that's when I discovered that Samantha was sleeping on Howie's side...made me chuckle!! Our mini conversation tho woke her up and off they went to watch tv and peruse the toy ads again...still a hit!

After breakfast I got started on the laundry...seems we've used up all the reserves!! I was on my last pair of pants too! The kids finally got dressed for the day all the while dancing around. Samantha is becoming more and more vocal and its awesome!! Today I caught her drumming on the empty coffee can and singing "Lala Laws is coming to town"....that's how she says santa claus...its darling!!

Lunch was an adventure...DJ is starting to show some signs of growing up and asserting independence...by pouring his own drinks...he gets the glasses down and then helps himself to the koolaid or whatever he's in the mood for. Trouble is, he thinks Sam wants the same thing as him and she usually doesn't. In any case, she got some Cherry koolaid in a cup and all was well. Til DJ made a sudden movement and I was all of sudden wearing some cold koolaid in my lap!! Thankfully it was only a couple inches worth at the bottom of the cup. Did I mention this was my last pair of pants!??!? Oh and the clothes that were in the washer waiting to get dried, were mostly Howie's stuff...yeah, still no pants!!

Thankfully, it was a balmy 50 someodd degrees and I chose capris...ha! I'm sure I looked sexy in capris and winter boots!! At least I could keep my ankles warm. I bundled the kids up and off we headed to the shed so I could pack up all the books. Took longer than normal as I decided to do some tidying up and organizing of the video tapes we seem to be in abundance of. Meanwhile the kids were happily watching a movie. DJ however was on the loose in the truck and must have pushed every single button he could.

It was just about 3:30 when I got in the truck to head home fully loaded with books. I turned the key and got nothing!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!! Well, I got a bunch of clicks...and a whole lotta lights on the dashboard....but no engine turning over. *sigh* Did I mention we live in the sticks!??!!? And I'm down a long driveway...in front of a trailer and beside a garden shed. Yeah, not at all like gettin stuck at Albertsons...*sigh* So I called Howie who was just packing up for the day and told him my damsel in distress story and told him we'd wait for him to come boost us.

I didn't have to wait that long after all as someone (thankfully someone I know from church) came to shop and she had a portable battery charger!!!! So she hooked it up, and we had a mini debate about where to put the black clamp...but since it was her machine, I went by her rules. She'd said she used it just yesterday so wasn't sure how much of a charge was left on it. I tried it right away and nothing....waited 3 minutes like it says and still nothing...so I got out and put it on the terminal of the battery and waited 3 more minutes and voila! We were running!!! YAY!!!!!! I packed up her gear and put it back in her truck and then headed for home!! Whew!!

DJ decided to check next door and see if anyone could play with him....and he was in luck!! Sam had no desire to go out so we stayed in and had a tickle fest! Hers, not mine! I also got some laundry folded and switched over. Before long Howie was home for an hour. So while he was here, I grabbed a shower!! Tonite was Jake's football banquet...it started at 6:30 so he ate while I showered and then took off pretty much as soon as I was done. DJ had come in, so I got started on dinner. Ham and eggs! YUM!!

Getting the kids in bed was a bit of a chore...but I did win eventually!!! And both kids fell asleep quickly! I got busy doing some Avon emails and surfing youtube. Howie came home and went to bed shortly thereafter! Finally I sat down to watch tv...I'd dvr'd the newest award show...American Country Awards....yeah, I wasn't impressed really...how many awards shows do we need??

Til next time...God Bless!

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