Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Festivus

Today I actually learned the origin of  Festivus...wasn't much of a Seinfeld fan when it was in its hey it doesn't surprise me that it originated from there! The airing of grievances! HA! Like I need a holiday for that! I have a blog! :)

This morning DJ was first up as usual but he and I snuggled together talking about what was happening for the day...I could hear Samantha in her room talking/singing to herself and I'm thinking she rather enjoyed that little bit of time to herself! DJ and I got up and she was quiet...but she soon came out of her bedroom and joined us. We had breakfast and started our day!

Howie got home just about 11 and he was fishless...he did lose two worries.... we were still having fish for dinner! He told me it was 3 when DJ came to our bed, and he came out to the I told him to grab a nap since we'd already talked about doing a movie for tonite. He rather liked that idea and took me up on it! And the kids were great! We watched tv snuggled on the couch....something we haven't done all week really!

As we were eating lunch Howie woke up and joined us...soon after I went to take a shower as I had an Avon delivery to make...I left rather quickly after the shower too as I'd gotten an email about one of my clients needing to leave work early. In the end, I missed her by mere minutes. I sure did try tho! On the drive home I stopped at Freddy's to see if they had the movie I wanted...Inception...they didn't, so I went on to Albertsons and they didn't have it either. So, I got Salt with Angelina Jolie...I knew that would be a hit for Howie. And while I was at it, I got another one purely for me! Sex & the City 2!! Total chick flick!

I got home and Jake wasn't here yet...but he wasn't too far behind me...and we sure did hear him pull in! Sheesh!! And to think he WANTS it that loud! *shakes head* I can only imagine how loud his music is/was to cover up the noise of the dual mufflers. AY!  Dinner prep started pretty much right which point the bbq  let us know it was out of propane...ironic no? I thought so!

After dinner chaos happened with the kids all wrestling and running around! I got the kitchen cleaned and the coffee ready for tomorrow before getting the kids in bed. I let them go late as they were having fun with Jake. It was close to 9 when we got down to the business of movie watching. And while there's a lot of muzzle action in Salt, it really was good! As soon as it was done I put SATC2 in and both boys scattered! Ha! Howie went to bed and Jake to the computer and then bed. I had NO idea it was a 2 and a half hour movie!! Goodness!! It was good tho!! Now I'm up far too late!! Yikes!

Til next time...God bless!

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