Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Update

What a whirlwind weekend!!!!!! Sheesh!!! I think I may actually look forward to a Monday for once!! But oh what a weekend it was!!!

Friday morning I was packing and gathering the last of my Avon orders to submit, dealing with kids and doing dishes! That was a busy morning!! Just before 1 I was finally on the road to get my bff Jackie (hereby referred to as JD, not to be confused with the other JD, Jack Daniels) and then we were off to Shelton for a Blake Shelton concert. Since Shelton is 3 hours from my house, there was no way I'd be driving back!! So, JD got us a room down there and I drove. Nice drive was dry for 95% of it...only when we got in Shelton did it start to rain! We got to our hotel at 4:15ish and started getting ready. Then we headed out in search of food...great little Teryaki place 3 driveways up from us...just what I needed! I hadn't had it since mom and dad were here in July!

We got done dinner at 6 and headed to the venue...then stood in line for our tickets as they were all at will call...and so was my meet & greet pass. Yep!! I got to meet the Tall One!! *remembers to breathe* We got in the event centre and found our seats...I was in front row and JD was one row behind me, and 2 seats over. About 6:50 I got in line for the m&g and waited with all the other crazy women! My g/f  Earika was on her way...her flight from Cali was delayed by 5 hours due to fog...and then she got stuck in MASSIVE traffic on the way to Shelton and completely missed the m&g with me and the opening act....who I have no clue who she was.

The m&g was quick...but SO worth it!!! I'd made him some caramel corn and put it in a bucket....made a sign too that said "I'm may not be Katy (Perry), Kellie (Pickler) or Zooey (Deschanel) but I AM here!! Yeah, I left it in the car in our rush to get to the tickets. Dang it! It was perfect too! And only one other person had a sign that I saw...stupid move! GRRR Anyways...I was 4th from the last person in line, and when I got in the room it suddenly got very small! And warm!!! So I started fanning myself....and the head security guy was laughin at me and telling me how white I looked (thanks!) and asked if I needed a chair. I just smiled and fanned myself with the cd insert I'd brought to have signed!

 I get up there and he puts his arm around me and says thanks for coming, and I told him who I was (my twitter handle no doubt, another stupid move!) Then we posed for the picture his tour manager took, and I handed him the bucket. He asked what was in it, and when I told him caramel corn I made for him, he told me he loved me! Ahhhh *SIGH* lol  Very sweet guy! Very tall too! He's 6' 6" and smelled clean. There's no other way to describe that part...he's a hunter, so I'm guessing cologne is out of the question for clean is the best way to describe him. I expected him to smell like Bacardi truthfully! :)

Then I headed out to wait for him to do his thing on stage. Shortly after 8 he did just that!!! His first song was a new one...or at least to me it was *shrugs* but every song after that I was able to sing along to! Remember that security dude? His post was literally in front of me!!!! And they were NOT letting anyone up close to the stage area for any reason...unless it was alcohol...well, he had these two twits come up trying to get past him to the stage and he refused, and one of them tried dancing all over him (oh I laughed) and he had the cop next to him escort them away. After they left, he looked at me and started fanning himself like I'd done earlier...yeah, I laughed then too!!

The concert itself was uber short!!! Far shorter than any concert I'd been to of his (this was number 3) and it was unusual how short it was. The encore was only 2 songs too!! Turns out he had a red eye to catch back to wherever he was going, and he LEFT right after the last song! Boo hoo!! We were hoping to find out where the after party was!! Guess that shot that out of the water!! So I then tried snagging the set list from the stage and managed to get it! SWEET!!! Not sure what I'll do with it, but hey, I have it! My g/f Earika did finally make it before he took stage...and she even caught one of his guitar pics and one of the drum sticks! Nice score for her!! Since she had a room at the casino, we went with her for check in and then headed up to her room to dump our coats and whatnot.

Then we went and met up with other twitter friends at the bar in the casino. We walked in and there was this hypnotist dude doing his thing...OMG it was FUNNY!!!!! Hilarious!!!!! My cheeks haven't hurt like that in a long time from laughing so hard!!! Fabulous long as you're not one of his peeps on the stage that is!!! Once he was done, half the bar cleared out...and I noticed one of the crew guys in line at the bar for I pointed them out to my g/f's and we bought them a round of shots!!! They appreciated that and came to say hi! And then stayed with us for the rest of the nite. It was fun to learn a little behind the scenes stuff! Then the drummer came down and joined us. A few others from the crew drifted in and out but didn't stay.

We shut the bar down!! Which was also early...they closed at 1 (I think, I kinda lost track of time about 10:30 according to JD...and because of JD, the drink, not the person this time) and we also lost Earika...and she had the only room key...and our coats...yikes! SO we went to the lobby to see if they'd give us a spare...and we were told they needed video recognition of us going in the room and it would be a few minutes. Just as she was coming to tell us we could go in, in walks Earika!! So we went up with her and grabbed our stuff and headed to our motel.

Saturday morning, even tho I had no kids to bother me...I was still up at 8!! And we were both showered, packed up and out the door by 9:30! Not too bad!! I was a little slow moving, but not head hurting. My hip hurt tho from dancing. We met up with a friend of JD's and had breakfast at Denny's across the street. Then went to Walmart to do some shopping...then got gas and hit the highway! It was a rainy mess of  a day too! Not fun to drive in! We did have one stop on the way home per Howie's request at some fishing/hunting I stocked up on stocking stuffers for him!! :)

All in all, it took me 4 hours of driving to get home!! I was whupped!!! Everyone was happy to see me tho! Kids climbing all over me, hugging me, kissing me...kinda nice to be welcomed home to jubilantly!! We were supposed to go be part of the Olde Christmas parade with church, but we missed the time deadline to be IN the parade, and Samantha was coughing horribly. I grabbed some homeopathic cough syrup at Walmart for her. So we stayed in and kids went to bed normally. Howie left at 8:30 to go to work to set up for santa's brunch today. I put on a Christmas movie and wrapped gifts. Good nite!

Today I got told to sleep in as late as I wanted....and I woke just before 11!!!! Yeah, I was shocked too!! Kinda nice tho!! I called the babysitter and asked if she could come earlier since Howie's work thing got moved up four hours problem. I got up and got dressed before alerting the kids I was up. Howie knew as we were chatting on fb...which JD called us nerds for! lol

The brunch was okay...we were the tail end of it, and so the foot wasn't fresh or piping hot :( but santa did come see us and I managed to snag a pic of him for the kids. OH, DJ had an absolute melt down like I've never seen him have about me leaving. He was all excited for Kathleen to come over and babysit, but miserable about me leaving. Screaming, crying, was awful! I called 20 mins after we left and he was still sitting outside...not crying, but he'd told her he was waiting for me to come home. I told her where the chocolate was and to bribe him worked! lol

He was extra happy when we did get home about 5...and came with me when I drove Kathleen home. On our way home we stopped at the shed to see what was what...and do some shopping. Then came home and got dinner going for them...Howie and I were still full! After dinner I bathed the stinky kids and then we got 'em in bed! And I've been sitting here for an hour typing all this out...ya still reading?? Whew!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Well, I realized how much I look forward to reading your blog when there was a day missing!! Sounds like you had a great time, well worth all the effort. Nice to have you back - I didnt miss you as much as the kids did, but i DID miss you :o)


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