Saturday, December 4, 2010

Everyone slept in later than normal today...that's what happens when your kids go to bed an hour later than normal. Kinda nice! Of course, still found DJ in bed with us...AND he's turning into a bed hog! Howie and I were sharing one side while he had my side! Brat! I put him in the middle and got comfy. Howie got up with them when SamSam got up. I dozed til just after 9 when Howie woke me. So I made us breakfast while he got ready for work.

After he left the kids took their sweet time getting dressed. We finally got out of the house about 11:30 and headed out to do the grocery shopping. Costco was first on the list...and the appetizers were great today! Lunch was good too! Then we headed to Freddy's where I got to shop kidlessly!! I do love that PlayLand! Then we went to Del's to get dog food, then Albertsons for 4 things, then the dollar store, the shed and finally home to unload.

I think this is the last year I can have kids with me while I do Christmas shopping...DJ gets curious, but if I'm able to distract him with something else, he forgets what he just saw/discovered. While in the dollar store I grabbed a few stocking stuffers and DJ kept askin why/who they were for...once in the bag tho, he forgot all about them. Til we got home that is and rediscovered the bag. Even carried it in the house for me! Rascal!
I'd done VERY well at buying Toy Story 3 without either one of them seeing me put it in the cart. The checker did great at hiding it too and let me put it in my purse til everything got rung in. Then I slipped it in one of the bags while the kids weren't looking. Soooo good! Til we got home and DJ was helping me unpack everything and discovered it. "Oh mom!! Its Toy Story!!" I grabbed it and shoved it in the baking cupboard and distracted him with putting stuff in the fridge. Whew! Dodged that bullet!

Samantha fell asleep at 4:30 on the way home, so I let her sleep til 5 and woke her up. Man was she cranky!!! So we snuggled in the chair for a 15 minutes before we all got ready to head out again. I had an Awana meeting and they were coming with me! The meeting started at 6 and thankfully someone who knows the church well gave the kids paper and crayons. Took a few times before they realized they needed to whisper. And DJ had to pee half way thru. Then they started getting antsy about 45 mins into it and hungry...thankfully we were wrapping up! Subway subs were provided for us to eat...DJ ate almost a whole half of a foot long! I was shocked! Samantha ate a 1/4 no problem...just didn't like anything on it.
We left the church and headed to a nearby client's house to drop off a new book to her. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the lights on the houses! Even stopped at a few to watch their displays. I can hear my grandmother in my childrens' exclamations of delight! She'd be proud!

On the way home we stopped at McD's to get some fries...DJ kept saying he was still hungry. I used the fries to my advantage and we did the Safeway stop for a few things while the fries were hot. Worked perfectly too!

As soon as we got in the house they were getting pj's on! We were mid teeth routine when Howie pulled in, but DJ missed hearing SamSam announce it. Which was good for me, I was able to finish his teeth without interruption. Howie helped get them in bed and then sat to read the paper. He went to bed too while I got busy doing up my Avon books to deliver tomorrow.Now I'm under the snuggy and watchin tv. I'm really liking the show Blue Bloods...probably the only good thing on Friday nites!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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