Thursday, December 16, 2010

Did you know santa uses Fed Ex???

Yeah, me either!!! lol

This morning gave me two I knew, and one was a total surprise!! The first one was Avon!!! I think my driver missed me...he said as much! He knew I'd gotten lost in the whole district shuffle and that I was being kicked to UPS...and was sorry every time he drove by the house (there's two other reps on my street) and wished he could help me out. So, now I'm back on track!!! Finally!!! I hope he didn't find my naked children too traumatizing...we were just getting clothes out for the day...but DJ just HAD to open the door buck was all I could do to get him in the house!!

I got to sorting while the kids kept on being their lovely buggy selves!! I swear, someone changed kids with me!!! These two today were at each other constantly...and about little things! Quite distracting! After an hour I did finally get everything sorted and bagged up ready to go! At which point it was lunch, much to DJ's pleasure!! These kids have GOT to stop growing! I'm not liking how fast these spurts come on! They both gobbled up their lunches and wanted more...WHAT!?!? Where's it going!??!

DJ ended up going outside to see if K could play and found them all working on their outside he stayed and "helped"...yeah, I'm sure! lol It took Sam a good half hour or so before she realized she was on her own and asked where he was. So cute! About a half hour later, DJ was escorting the Fed Ex guy up the stairs and calling for me. I had NO idea what it was as I wasn't expecting anything at all! The box did give it away tho as I was able to clearly read Vitamix on the outside.

Now, the only people I know who have one is my mom and dad...sure enough, the return address on the shipping label was my parents. MERRY CHRISTMAS to me!!!!!!! Yes, my mom did say it was for all of us, but we all know who its really for!!! Moi! SO happy!! I couldn't open the package up fast enough...but before I did I im'd my mom to let her know I'd gotten it. She was shocked at how fast it arrived...not sure when she ordered it, but it was quick according to her. I rearranged (much to Howie's dismay) the counter top space to give it a prime, fairly easy to use, spot...right in the corner!!! :) Close enough to the sink for cleaning and yet tucked away under the cupboards out of the way. This will change my whole way of shopping!

Howie came home as I was folding yet another load of laundry...and I did manage to find another two loads today...when will it stop!?!?!!? Somebody make it stop!! DJ came home just as I was about to serve up pizza for dinner and he was enjoying shocking us with his cold ears and, were they COLD!! And again, both of them gobbled up dinner!!! To be fair, it was a yummy pizza! In fact, without all the fussin and fighting we've had lately on Awana nites, tonite was a breeze!!! We were early leaving, which was good as I was on fumes to the gas station. I still missed checking in 3 kids, but their parents are leaders and get there early.

DJ had fun in his class....they had cupcakes, and candy and a Christmas party! He even told me that the girl that's been picking on him was "really nice to me tonite!" which made me smile!! And on our way out the door, he called out a good nite to a friend from his class and when the boy returned the salutations, he looked at me and said "he knows my name!!"  So cute!

Once he went to bed, Howie wasn't too far behind I got the coffee and breakfast ready for Howie, and sat in the chair and had a good knit! Finished up a few projects, and started another one!! Even got to finally watch one of my dvr'd Christmas movies...have a few waiting for me. Good nite for me!

Til next time...God bless!

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