Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off to see the Red One

This morning DJ woke up next to usual....and Sam was still sleeping...before long they were both playing in her room...I could hear them and their music! So I lay in bed checking email, and fb and saw the text Howie sent that he'd caught two fish already and was on his way home! SWEET!!! He got home before I even got out of bed....DJ was snuggling with me talking about what was gonna happen for the day and we heard the garage door open, so he took off to go see the fish! Sam too!

I made breakfast for all of us...DJ wanted scrambled eggs, so that's what I made! Everyone enjoyed them! Howie went and took a shower while I got the kids dressed...Samantha was more than pleased with the dress and DJ fought me tooth and nail for wearing something Christmassy...he won that one. He was being obstinate as he wanted to stay home and play with the neighbours...the boys had come knocking while I was dealing with Sam...and he took off to play.

Just as we're gathering up to leave the propane company truck pulled up...I'd called yesterday in a panic as I'd finally checked the tanks and we were at 5% on each tank....NOT cool!!! We're supposed to call them when it gets to 20...below that and they get mad at us! And I learned that they do our area on Mondays and Tuesdays...but the driver had a few other stragglers out our way and was gonna fit us in on Thursday. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the truck today! Didn't like the 450.00 bill!!! OUCH!! Good thing its prepaid! :) Yeah, I'm that good!! haha Our last fill up was in either June or July...and I'm good with a budget! Ask Howie!

I packed us up a lunch and once the propane was done we hit the road. First stop was my g/f Anneke as the extra fish went to them for their dinner. They were happy!! Her hubby is a fisherman he was very happy for fresh fish for dinner! Next stop was the hearing aid place. My right hearing aid hasn't been working since Shelton in Shelton...and since its quite the trek to get there, we fit it into today's jaunt. Wasn't til we got there and read the notice on the door that we found out they'd moved. AND we'd driven right by it! OY! So back we went the way we came and dropped it off.

Then Best Buy and the mall. Seems driving around finding a parking spot was quite obnoxious! But in the end we found an AWESOME spot!! So awesome! And the entrance we chose led us straight to the red guy.....and the line up was INSANE!!!! Wasn't til we saw him walk around a half hour later that we realized he was on lunch break...duh! On his walk tho, he came back by us and DJ was smitten!! Just in awe!!! His eyes were just pure joy!! He even got to touch his hand like he was a rock star!! SO cute!!! haha

Once he got started tho, they were pretty quick moving. As we were feet away from being our turn I coached Samantha as she was starting to show fear about going up to him...and I'm not sure what I said, but when it was her turn, she went RUNNING into his arms!!! DJ followed and it was so amazing!! No tears, all smiles and they actually talked to him!! He asked them each what they wanted and DJ said "drums" and Sam said "piano" They hugged him and got a colouring book from him and we were done. The picture is MOST adorable!!! *sigh* made the hour long wait totally worth it!!!

Once done we hit the mall for Jake's gifts and were done in 20 minutes!! Not too bad eh? Whew! We couldn't get out of there fast enough! Next stop was the hearing aid place as they'd called and it was done. Thankfully it was just a wax build up and and easy free fix! I was dumb tho in not leaving the left one with them to get since the tech wasn't busy, she took it quickly and got it cleaned. I can hear in stereo again!!! YES!!!!! That was a long 2 weeks!! And unbalanced! Y'know, it does explain all my bruises the past two weeks too...huh!

Before we left town we hit up the fishing store for Howie...of course...and then a g/f's house to drop a gift for her baby's first Christmas...then Walmart (where else?!?!) for ONE thing!! A feminine I went straight there and then detoured to the toy section...DJ saw that there was a boy version of SamSam's Violet dog and wants one. Of course, he wants everything these days! So, I thought I'd check to see if they had it and how much....they didn't have it. I did see one Violet, but nothing else! And even that was in the wrong place. So I headed to the check out line...which were insanely long! I got in the self serve line and waited forever! Finally I was free and back in the truck on the way home.

One stop at the salon I deal with for collection purposes and then to pick up dinner in the same plaza. Yup, we did Teryaki for dinner! It was so close to 6 by the time we came into town, so we cheated for dinner. The kids GOBBLED it up!! Samantha ate twice as much as I gave her! She kept asking for more! Love when they eat so easy!! After dinner Howie went to work on fishing stuff in the garage and the kids and I started watching a movie. Wall-E....I'd never seen it before...and I gotta say, if I never see the ending, I'll live! There's no dialogue really and its boring! After 20 minutes of it DJ asked for it to be off...NO problem!! It was time for bed time to start pj's were gotten and put on...hands were washed and teeth brushed...books read and prayers said.

I have to say, I love the sound of kids in bed!! GOLDEN!!! They went to sleep quickly too with all the excitement of the day! Howie and I watched Human Target, which was tame but comical...and then he watched a new show he'd found on the Outdoor channel called the Joy of was okay...and mostly local, so that was fun. The cooking segment made us both hungry too! lol Just before 10 he went to bed and I got busy making Manure Balls...the last of the Christmas goodies!!! And super easy! While they were setting, I went and watched tv and knit. Good nite!! Very good nite!!

Til next time...God bless!

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