Monday, December 20, 2010

My kind of SUNday,

But it didn't start that know how I have told you the most unpleasant ways to wake up...found another one this morning. I went to roll away from clingy DJ and my leg hit the wet spot...a cold wet spot...sat right up and turned the light on and discovered the cat peed on the bed. DAMN HIM!! How many lives has he got left now!??! I thought we'd finally come to an agreement here! Things were going go smoothly!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

DJ woke up when I sat up, so I got him to move over to Howie's side, at least he's short enough to not reach the wet spot. He did fall back to sleep, briefly...he was up again about a half hour...and actually didn't wake Samantha up!! No, he bugged me instead! lol I do love the snuggles tho! He asked where Howie was, and was hoping he caught a fish for dinner. He did!!! A small one, but it was more than enough to feed us!  And the dog, and the good cat, and one serving left over. YUM!!!!

We rode to church in two vehicles so I could go on from there and do my Avoning. How odd after 3 months of having an off schedule, to be able to go by myself!!! AND actually see my peeps!!! SO awesome!!! First stop was Jake as he had a cell bill to pay. Then off to drop off books and orders. I even got a great visit in with my g/f Joanne! Even tho the kids have broken up and gone their own ways, we promised we wouldn't! Whew! After an hour  I got back on the road and finished up what I needed to do...and was on my way home when I called Howie, who reminded me I had an errand to run for I quick changed my direction and accomplished said task! Some fishing thing...*rolls eyes*

I also stopped at the shed on the way home and scored some great fruit for my vitamix...still shy on some ingredients and then I can get started! I was gonna make an orange sorbet, but dinner was late and before I knew it, it was 8pm and bed time for the kids. Who both fell asleep quickly thanks to the outside time they got out in the gorgeous sunshine today!! Simply beautiful!!! At one point in my drive, I was atop a hill and looking at the Cascade mountains with their snow caps, and in my rear view I could see the Olympics in their majesty too! Stunning!

I did end up dozing for a few while putting DJ to bed...he was so snuggly! And when I came out a half hour later, Howie was finishing up watching one of his fishing shows and then went to bed. So I put away the laundry and helped make the bed. Then I got settled and watched the finale of what a twist with Fabio winning his way into the final 3! And then to go on and win it all....damn! I do think he's too young...21 is still quite wild and no clue about money! My vote would have gone to Chase....nuff said! LOL

Til next time...God bless!

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