Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rainbow hunters

This morning both kids slept til right before 8 which was much appreciated!! Samantha decided she needed to be changed instantly and brought me a diaper and wipes! And then picked her own clothes out...pale purple pants with sparkle hearts and stars...and a bunny shirt that's says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my daddy" She likes it for the

After breakfast I packed up a lunch for us and got us all ready to head out to do some Avoning. It was at this point that Miss Samantha chose to poop! Now, if you know my daughter, you know this takes at least 20 minutes!! So I puttered while she strained. Finally she says "I'm done mummy!" and I change her...sadly, one rabbit pellet is not considered a real poop in my eyes...and she did this yesterday too, so I gave her a suppository. Oh she hated me!! Kept begging for daddy to rescue her. DJ meanwhile had gone over next door and invited K we waited 15 mins for SamSam to adjust to the supp...C came over too, so both boys sat on the couch and Samantha snuggled with me on the floor not wanting to sit down. I don't blame her! After 20 mins I needed to leave...with DJ supps work fast...not with Sam!!

We left just after 11:30 and first stop was the post office!! Got those stamps exchanged...she tried upselling me til I realized what she was doing...the difference between what I had and a book of stamps was I suggested she give me a 1.00 stamp...worked for me!

Off we went to Lynnwood...since it was a weekday, no one was home so I did a lot of drop-and-runs which go quick!! Samantha fell asleep about noon and had a good 45 minute nap! She needed it! DJ and I had lunch while we drove around town.

We got done with the Lynnwood peeps and headed to Everett for our last stop. The weather today was HEAVY rain!! Some of my fb friends were talking about thunderstorms and lightning even! Nothing up here, but it sure was gloomy out...then the sun came out. Well the rest of the day was scattered showers here and there...and some sunny we were driving up to the last stop, we saw a rainbow. And found the end of it in another direction...that was cool! And, as I'm looking at it I see a double rainbow!!! Yet, if I took off my sunglasses I couldn't see the 2nd one. Thought that was kinda wild! Even took a pic of it!!
As we headed home DJ fell asleep!! Finally a break from the "mummy can I tell you something" questions! Sam and I kept looking for more rainbows.....and found one more on the way home!

When we got home Sam said she wanted to sit on the potty...and so I let her...she sat there for a half hour and did nothing...poor thing! Howie came home and I put away 3 loads of laundry and got dinner going. Since it was an Awana nite, we ate early and DJ and I took off right away. Samantha did finally poop...YAY for Howie!!! lol Hey, it got the garbage taken out too!!! I'm a happy woman!

DJ gave me a "Proud Mummy" moment...tonite was 'store' for his Cubbies class...they earn points for things in class and apparently he had 15 pts to spend...he was told he could get ONE hotwheels car, or THREE of the knock off ones...he chose the 3 of them!!! HELLO!!! Its THREE!!!! LOL  yeah, I was happy he chose what he did! And he was more than happy with his choice too! Couldn't wait to get home and show Howie...and they're currently sitting on his dresser waiting for morning.

Til next time...God bless!

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