Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, I have ticklish teeth!

This morning was not only a Monday was also Four Fillings Day!!! Ugh!!! And with all the sleeping in I did yesterday, it took me til 3 am to fall asleep! And that was after DJ tried to climb into bed with us! So, thankful it was 8 when they got up! DJ took it upon himself to get his own breakfast...two snickerdoodle cookies!!!! They do have the same ingredients as bread....just in different amounts. And really, they have to be better than pop tarts!!! Right??

Shortly after 9 we got a knock on the door and K and C came in to play and watch tv with my two...that worked for me! :)  DJ of course is in heaven having K here...and Samantha knows how to leave the boys alone if need it was all good! They got called home for lunch and I fed mine...and the boys came back to play...but this time they ended up outside playing! YES!!!! Perfect opportunity for me to grab a shower!

I had scheduled Michaela to babysit while I went to the dentist as Howie couldn't get off work I left happy kids at home...DJ gave me a hug and a kiss and took off running!!! What a change from yesterday! lol On the way to the dentist I got a call from them asking why I wasn't there when my appt was for 3 pm...and I reminded them that I'd gotten a call to change it to 3:30 and that I was on my way there....oy! So as soon a I got in there they whisked me back to the waiting hygienist and she got right to work! It's been 2 years since my last cleaning (that sounds like a confession doesn't it?) and so she did a thorough job!! I think she even got more glue off from the braces I had on over 20 years ago!! Man, that's good glue! As soon as she was done I was led to another room for the four fillings.

I get in there, get situated and tell them my "strong dislike for needles" and that I'm the assistant suggests nitrous oxide, which I decline as I've never had it before...and then the dr suggests going without any numbing since they're all such "bite surface cavities" and don't require much drilling. he told me it would be more annoying than painful....and no worse than my I say, go for it! There was only one spot where it made me zing a little...and they suggest I listen to music or something on my I put in my ear buds and pushed play on  podcast. It was smooth sailing from there...and I was completely done the entire appointment in an hour and 15 minutes!

I must also say, this was the most wonderful experience I've ever had at a dentist office! Four fillings included!! Such a relaxed atmosphere...and he's a nice doctor! And it was relatively pain free! I was expecting to eat soup or scrambled eggs for dinner tonite, but we had a normal dinner! AND, the absolute best part for me...the fillings themselves are so smooth, I can't feel them!! Know how ya leave and you actually FEEL the lump of whatever it is they've put on your teeth and it takes a couple days to wear it down to normal...I walked outta there not even knowing I'd had work done! That's just awesome in my books! 

I got home shortly after 5 and got dinner going...Howie was doing the dishes and I let him finish :D I'm such a nice wife! lol After dinner, it was odd, no one needed they watched some Spongebob Squarepants thing and Howie decided it was a bit on the scary side and changed we'll see if anyone wakes up tonite! 

Once everyone was in bed, I got busy making Christmas goodies...chocolate covered pretzels!!! Oh so yummy!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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