Saturday, December 18, 2010

I remember like it was yesterday...

This morning dawned too early and with too many people in my bed!! I was smushed between DJ and Howie when Samantha wanted in on the fun...and I got rolled over on...and it was just not a nice way to wake up! Howie didn't much like it either and headed out to the couch (he should have taken DJ's bed) and I was still stuck in a sleeping sandwich! It was barely 6:30 and sleep must still be had...thankfully we all fell back to sleep til DJ woke up at 8...and both he and SamSam went out to find daddy while I burrowed down in the covers for another hour.

While Howie was getting ready for work, I made us breakfast....and DJ too as he apparently didn't want anything when Howie offered breakfast. And he wanted pizza....I know, I'm mother of the year for giving it to him, but its no different than giving him a piece of toast with butter on it...right? Come on, justify with me here!! lol And as Howie said, its the breakfast of champions....oy!

Howie left for work and the kids got nekkid to get dressed when there was a knock on the door....K and C were outside callin on DJ...they came in to play for a bit and then the 3 of them headed outside in the sunshine to play. So I snuggled with SamSam and Dora and dozed off...woke up to her saying she pooped in the toilet, and she was bare bummed!!! YIKES!!! I go in there and the diaper is on the floor by the toilet and she's got the lid up on the toilet. So I ask her if she wants to put panties on and she thinks that's a great idea. I really had NO intention of potty training when I woke up this morning! But we put the panties the old shower curtain out for under the potty chair...and got it all set up. Set the timer for 10 minutes....and started the whole business of training. She also got a can of pop to up the fluid intake. Her first tinkle ran down her leg and she didn't like it...and it was in between our ten minute I clean her up, talk about where she's supposed to pee and whatnot...and off we went drinking more and setting the timer. About a half hour later she was wigging out and wanting a diaper on NOW! I distracted her for a few minutes and all of a sudden the light went off on her face and she was peeing and KNEW she was peeing!!!! YES!!!!!!! She was so excited!!!

We ate lunch and started on a glass of apple juice for her...she was loving all the extra fluid!! Soon after the boys came back in for something or other and distracted her...and me! So I asked if she needed to pee and she said yes, so off we went...and within seconds she peed a FULL bladder's worth!!! SWEET!!!!!!! I began to think this was far too easy...and a half hour she proved me she peed on the carpet in the living room and then came running to me....yikes! So we talked about where the pee goes, again, and changed undies.

In the end we went thru 4 pair of panties, 1 towel, 1 roll (yes the whole roll) of toilet paper, and 4 diapers in total. After dinner she and I headed out to the shed for the specialty glean...since there's no bathroom there, I put her in a diaper and off we went. She did great the whole time out and when we got home an hour and a half later she was dry. It was totally my fault for not stopping what I was doing and making her sit to go pee. As soon as I finished bringing stuff in she told me she had to pee and had literally just done so in the diaper....stupid move on my part. *smacks forehead* So we put the panties back on and she kept on with her apple juice from before. At this point, she thinks its fun to just sit on the potty any 'ol time and pretend to pee. Its the wiping she thinks is the best!

Meanwhile, I got a call from next door askin if DJ can spend the nite...but of course! So he came home to get his pj's on and take his toothbrush over there. As he was leaving and hugging on me I told him I'd miss him...and that undid  him a bit. He got to the bottom of the stairs and his eyes started welling up with tears and he said he'd miss me too....and almost changed his mind about going. Instead he asked me to walk him over, so I did...and off he went without a backwards glance.

Howie came home from work and grabbed some dinner and while he was reading the paper and I was folding laundry I got a call from next door saying that DJ was on his way home. Poor kid only made it til 9:41 before he HAD to come home! When he got in I asked him why he didn't want to spend the nite and his response was "I don't like their dark" hahaha. I offered to let him take his night light and he said no, he wanted to be here. And went right to sleep without a hitch!

Til next time...God bless!

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