Thursday, December 2, 2010

We have a new addition to the family!!!!

An Elf living with us!!! He reports back to santa every nite whether the kids have been good or not! I did cheat sister Joanne gave DJ said elf a couple yrs ago from either Austria or he looks quite authentic! And DJ does know that its the elf from his room...he kept going up to it and asking me if it was really real. Cute! And no, mom, I'm not creating anxiety in my kids :P

The biggest thing on the to-do list today was to bathe the monsters!!! Not a bad task really! And they DO smell awesome after! Love that mango/tangerine 2-in-1! Plus, the wet hugs and giggles are fun too!
About 11:30 we sat down to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks! I'd recorded it earlier this week, and I've been wanting to watch it! The kids obliged...quite willingly! Y'know, it really is a cute movie!!! I remember anxiously waiting for the cartoon every week! Does that make me sound old?? Now I wanna see the squeakquel!!

Since tonite was an Awana nite, I got dinner started earlier. And we ate earlier than normal...yet getting us out of the house before 5:45 is proving to be a difficult task! But I did get us there early enough really. I did miss a few kids checking in, but I'm told they get there super early!

It was a good nite tho! I only messed up a couple of the girls' names....they think its funny! And I got done at 8 on the dot! Its my goal every week! Picked DJ up and we actually just headed home for a change! DJ was disappointed too lol...he even suggested a few places for us to go. Rascal! He was a challenge too when we got home even tho we talk about him not fighting bed time on the way home. He was hungry, so he had a banana and then to bed! Not a peep since!

I had too many things set on dvr for 8pm, so Howie cancelled my Survivor and recorded Human Target while The Grinch was also being recorded. Grrrrrr! So I quit the Grinch and caught the tribal council for, what a trip!! TWO people quitting is unheard of! And if ya ask me, they shouldn't be allowed to be on the jury! They make money while being pampered off camera...not right! Fools!

Oh and I have it on good authority that my cousin who was off in the war, is now done his tour of duty...and soon to be in the arms of his very excited wife!! I'm sad I can't be there for his home coming, but I'm sure I'll see pix soon! :)

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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