Sunday, December 26, 2010

The cutest way to wake up

Was to DJ running back in after asking to go watch tv (I really do think he forgot it was Christmas) and saying "Daddy, you're not gonna believe this, but santa REALLY did come!" hahaha oh that was just perfect!!! SO perfect!!! Even after that exclamation it still took SamSam another 15 minutes to get which point I was getting dressed...she was still so sleepy and DJ was trying to get her to understand that santa had it! Not one gift open yet and the excitement was awesome!!!

The santa gifts were ripped open with great vigor!!! DJ wasn't sure at first just what his gift really was til we told him it was a drum set and he says "Just like I asked for!!!! Awesome!!"  And Samantha was equally thrilled with her set of dinosaurs!!! Both gifts were ripped open...using scissors and screw drivers...what ever happened to the days of a toy just being in the box!??! Dang!!!! Then the stockings were literally dumped all over the floor as everyone rooted for whatever was at the bottom. Yes, my son was VERY pleased with the new strawberry shampoo he got! And the candy...equally excited!!!

We then ate a quick breakfast after explaining that the rest of the gifts had to wait til we got home with Jake...then we got dressed and headed out the door...a bit later than we wanted....we got a phone call from my mom and dad, so that took priority! The drive there was full of questions "are we there yet:?" "will there be lots of presents?" and the like. We arrived just in time for breakfast (HUH?) and so we unloaded our gifts and sat down to eat.

The kids couldn't wait much longer for the gifts...and so they got divvied up...and the kids were told to go ahead and rip into them!! And they did!!! SO much stuff!! Each got a new blanket (currently on their beds) of Toy Story and Tinkerbell (you know who got what right?) and matching pj's (currently on their bodies) and they'd already gotten new matching night lights (currently plugged into their walls) and sticker books and paint book....and new clothes, and each got a TS3 doll..DJ got Buzz and Sam got Jesse...and she also got a new baby girl and a bath time Dora. DJ got the BIGGEST gift there and it was  4 foot tall adjustable basketball hoop!! Oh and DJ got a glow in the dark solar system that hangs from the ceiling...and a Crayola digital camera...he's SO excited for that!!! Sam's fun gift was a new piano that does A LOT!!!! Even has a mic and recordable mp3 player she can listen to herself on.

Once all the paper was picked up and boxes stacked we headed for home....following Jake, he just had to have the lead! *shakes head* but we still beat him home by a couple minutes :D We got in and got a bit settled before allowing the kids to attack the gifts! Just as we were getting started next door came by with a little something for the kids...DJ was very happy to see K!! Then back to ripping paper!! Their, ummm, unmistaken pleasure at all the clothes they were opening was undeniable...ungrateful kids! ha...just kidding...but they could have gotten a bit more excited about them!!! Honestly!!! lol I'm far too practical and they're still young! They did get 4 new movies (finally some new stuff in the truck!) and Sam got new squeaker shoes...and DJ got got glow in the dark solar system that sticks to the wall/ceiling.  Jake got what he wanted cards!!!! hahaha not much fun to open up really...but at least I don't have to suffer thru his unmistaken pleasure at getting clothes!

Again, when all teh paper was picked up things started getting put away in rooms....blankets put right on bed and ready for children to climb into. ALL the toys were out of their boxes...V-Tech takes the prize for the most difficult to get into!!! SHEESH!!! Jake left during all this as he had dinner plans at home...and probably more presents to open. Meanwhile DJ was not letting up about wanting his new planets put I got busy prepping all 8 planets and 200 stars for his wall...that was tedious! But once they were prepped, it was easy to get 'em up on the wall...even gave SamSam 25 of them for her wall. These ones went on the wall and the other ones he got we hung from the ceiling...that was a two person job!!! And more difficult than it looked! lol But OH he was SO thrilled with it all!! He and I laid on his bed a few times before bed just to look up at them all.

Dinner wasn't traditional by any turkey or ham...we had New York cut steaks!!! And they were YUMMY!!!! Howie cooked them to perfection!!!! I did cheesy shells and veggies on the side. The kids had their fave, nuggets...and wolfed them down!!! Dessert was candy from their stockings....happy kids!!! I then got another call from my mom and dad as the first one was short! So fun to chat with them and get caught up...they'll be here in 3 weeks. SO excited for that!!

Kids went to bed with smiles on their faces....and quite easily under their new blankets in their new pj's! Howie went soon after as he's planning to fish the last day of his vacation...hope he catches us another one for dinner!!! YUM!!! I watched a movie and just vegged!! On Strike For Christmas...cute movie!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I lived Christmas vicariously through your family because my kids are all old & jaded about Christmas now & I loved it when they were small & excited like yours are at this age. Thank you for sharing. it sounded like a great & successful day. Merry Christmas to you & Howie, and of course DJ & Sam. hugs, Fi


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