Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My little helper girl

This morning I was pleasantly surprised that it was 8:30 when DJ woke up...AND there were no added unpleasantries to the bed!!! Howie was out fishing again, so it was just me and the kids. We got up and had breakfast before hearing from a fishless Howie....but he did have fun!! Not nearly as many people out today since it's a Monday and all.

He got home and I was in the process of bundling the kids up to head out to go to the shed to do the books and then on to grocery shopping after sharing them out. As I'm buckling SamSam in her seat, DJ spies the boys next door (plus one) out playing, so he asked if he could stay home, and Howie was okay with it, so he did. Samantha and I took off!

She was set up with Barney and I put my ear buds in and listened to a podcast I had on my phone...good laughs! Got all the books sorted and even took time to reorganize the shelves a bit....someone put shelves up last week and they're awesome!! SO much easier to work with! So instead of putting books up on the very top shelf, I moved all the DVD's and VHS tapes up top. And opened up the other side by bringing the containers I had movies put into on the floor. Much better!

Then we headed to a bank in town to interoffice an Avon order...first time doing that! But hey, it saves me gas! And she'll probably get it quicker! Then we stopped by the library....I was also smart enough to grab our checked out books and CD's and return them.  On our way to my bank we got held up by a train changing tracks...Sam thought that was neat to see the train so close and all the flashing red lights...and of course the whistle! 

As we're in line for the bank she sees the big M for McD's and since I'd promised the kids lunch there if they got their buns moving this morning, we stopped there. She specifically asked for nuggets and fries...so cute! I've noticed how much more clearer her speech is...and the S's have finally arrived in full force!! Seven is now seven, not heaven...so cute! We parked and ate in the truck...and then off we went to Goodwill to drop the rest of the books off. Which was good since they took up the whole back of my truck! Next stop was Fred Meyer and Samantha was more than excited to head into Play Land...there were a few kids there and she was happy about that.  I zipped thru my shopping and was done in 40 minutes! Sheesh! I thought it would be far busier since we're SO close to Christmas...but seems that wasn't the case.

Since we had time, we stopped at the dollar store and Albertsons (which was ADORABLE to hear her say!) and got what we needed before heading home. We got home and the boys were mellow, watching a movie together. Howie helped me carry things in and DJ helped me put it away...many hands sometimes don't make for lighter work...just sayin! Then I grabbed a shower as I had a seminar to attend tonite.

I left at 5 and had a local delivery to make...which wouldn't have taken me 25 mins to get to, but that 5 o'clock traffic was killer! And I would have been on time if I hadn't gotten lost! Stupidphonemapsthing! It totally gave me the wrong info! I called Howie all in a panic and it felt like it took me forever to find somewhere to turn around and get back on the highway. I did finally there 10 mins late but hadn't missed anything. Whew!

Got home shortly after 9 and Howie was still up watching Sing Off...have ya seen that show?? Reminds me of Clash of the Choirs way back in 2002 when I first laid eyes on Blake Shelton!! *sigh* lol No, I'm not obsessed...trust me on that! In any case, the Sing Off is quite amazing!!! Since everything else is on re-run due to Christmas, I ended up watching a movie from my dvr collection...whittling down the list! I think I only have one more in there! Yikes! Better find more!

Til next time...God bless!

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